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The Marijuana Solution

The Marijuana Solution is the premier medical marijuana and recreational cannabis podcast. Host Robert Roundtree speaks with leading cannabis industry professionals, politicians, advocates, and patients. The Marijuana Solution provides an unfiltered platform for the cannabis industry to inform and educate patients, entrepreneurs and policymakers breaking the latest news from around the globe.


Cannabis Cultivation And Breeding Experts
Show Details1hr 4min
Freedom Fighter of the Year
Show Details1hr 5min
Dispelling Old Myths About This Medicine
Show Details1hr 33min
Florida Is Allegedly Canceling Florida Medical Marijuana Patients
Show Details37min 37s
Growing Medically Necessary Cannabis
Show Details53min 18s
The Next Big Disruptive Force To Hit The Cannabis Industry
Show Details25min 52s
The Use Of Medical Marijuana For Appropriate Conditions
Show Details41min 58s
Celebration Of Cannabis Inspired Art
Show Details51min 17s
Regulated Adult Use Cannabis
Show Details48min 28s
Cannabis pharmacology
Show Details1hr 23min
Innovations In Cannabis Product Development
Show Details1hr 3min
The New Phenomena Using Cannabis
Show Details59min 7s
Focus On True Health Care Reform
Show Details47min 12s
The Legal Issues Surrounding The Cannabis Industry
Show Details58min 54s
The Legalization Front Of Florida
Show Details39min 56s
The Florida Medical Marijuana Industry
Show Details51min 2s
The Floridian Who Died and Came Back to Sing
Show Details28min 36s
Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors
Show Details50min 40s
To Be A Part Of The Collective
Show Details52min 45s
The Florida Cannabis Coalition
Show Details1hr 17min
The Great Green Hope
Show Details52min 59s
Misrepresented Marijuana Solution
Show Details1hr 1min
No Smoke Is A Joke
Show Details13min 20s
Sunshine Cannabis
Show Details1hr 33min
One Of The Worlds Leading Natural Medicine Doctors
Show Details21min 28s
SMRTables With Chef Tony Phillips
Show Details37min 45s
Special Election In Orange County Florida
Show Details1hr 5min
Swamp City Gallery Lounge
Show Details32min 37s
Veterans For Homegrown Medicine
Show Details1hr 4min
The Florida Medical Cannabis Conference
Show Details50min 59s
The Challenges That Cannabis Companies Face On Social Media
Show Details35min 14s
The Largest Voice For Veterans And Medical Cannabis
Show Details16min 55s
Third Party Testing In Florida
Show Details54min 32s
Senator Jeff Brandes and SB182
Show Details40min 37s
The Frontlines of The Drugwar
Show Details1hr 30min
Legendary Cannabis Breeder Rick Naya
Show Details48min 20s
Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Legislation Filed by Carlos Guillermo Smith
Show Details1hr 1min
Commissioner of AG Nikki Fried Made Headlines For Announcing a Hemp CBD Crackdown in Florida
Show Details31min 38s
Dr. Jeffrey Sharkey, Founder of the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida, hosts the Legislative Policy Conference at Florida St
Show Details35min 21s
Gainesville Green, The Legendary Florida Strain’s Creator, Rick Naya With the Real History Behind the Strain
Show Details1hr 10min
Florida’s Director of Cannabis Holly Bell
Show Details41min 4s
Nugtopia, #1 Cannabis Art Brand’s Dir of Operations Kyle Trent
Show Details33min 39s