Freedom Fighter of the Year

1h 4m | Apr 25, 2019
Freedom Fighter of the Year in 2014 High Times Robert Platshorn joins The Marijuana Solution with host Robert Roundtree. He is the author of The Black Tuna Diaries, and featured in the documentary titled Square Grouper. Robert Platshorn is a legendary cannabis smuggler. He served a 32-year prison sentence for importing cannabis. He has the record for serving the longest sentence for cannabis. Robert Platshorn has been a champion for the cannabis plant long enough to see many lives wrecked. Platshorn has also seen how many life’s it's touched and this is where the senior population hits home. The fastest growing demographic of cannabis users is tuning into the message put out by The Silver Tour. This episode focuses on the work Robert Platshorn is doing educating seniors with The Silver Tour. There is also the event Meet the Experts March 18-19 2017 at the Harrahs resort in Atlantic City.
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