The Use Of Medical Marijuana For Appropriate Conditions

41m | Apr 17, 2019
The use of medical marijuana for appropriate conditions with Dr. Michelle Weiner. Dr. Michelle is an Interventional Pain Management Physician board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She’s also an advocate for the use of medical marijuana for appropriate conditions in her Florida practice. Because of her pro-medical cannabis stance, Dr. Weiner is in high demand as a dynamic speaker at live events throughout the state about this medicine. Her seminar appearances and regular podcasts have reached thousands of potential medical marijuana patients and also educated many physicians on this emerging treatment.

The doctor completed her residency and fellowship training at the University of Miami and is certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. While she specializes in diagnosing and treating spine and musculoskeletal pain as well as chronic migraines, Dr. Weiner is passionate about the use of medical cannabis to improve the quality of life in some of her patients.

Based in South Florida, she sees many elderly patients that have been previously prescribed opiate-based medications. While this class of powerful and highly addictive drugs is appropriate for certain conditions, Dr. Weiner feels a strong need to educate her patients about less dangerous alternatives including medical marijuana. In fact, she individualizes medical cannabis treatments based on patient-specific factors with the goal of maximizing the quality of life for her patients.

She feels medical cannabis can often be an excellent option for seniors to help decrease overall pharmaceutical use and avoid the incredibly dangerous side effects of an opioid pain relief regimen. So, Dr. Weiner focuses on decreasing opioid consumption while still effectively managing pain with alternative methods like medical cannabis.
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