Florida Is Allegedly Canceling Florida Medical Marijuana Patients

37m | Apr 17, 2019
Florida is allegedly canceling Florida medical marijuana patients. Dr. Adrian Long’s office of Crescent Beach Care in St. Augustine Florida is allegedly canceling Florida medical marijuana patients Mmj card/registration. Today on The Marijuana Solution podcast episode 25 we speak with Nina Dawn of Florida. According to Nina, Dr. Long’s office staff refused to put her order in for two weeks, then demanded more money, and finally said they would be canceling her order in the registry. This was allegedly done after putting her into the registry but not putting in active order. According to Nina Dawn, she was advised that she would have an initial order of 300mg/day and she could adjust it if needed, otherwise, she wouldn’t need to be seen again until the renewal of 7 months came up. Nina says she was told this despite never actually receiving an active order for 300mg/day as the doctor advised.

This means Nina has a card but no actual order for medicine. Nina says that the doctor's office billed her insurance company and was paid, despite cannabis being federally illegal. Does this mean that the doctor lied about the nature of the visit to her insurance company? Who knows, we will continue to look into this story to get some answers. Unfortunately, stories like this continue to pour in from around the state. We reached out to Dr. Long’s office for comment and so far calls have not been returned.

Despite the horror stories coming in about shady practices, the vast majority of physician-patient relationships are outstanding and patients are happy overall with the care provided.
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