• Meet Our Team: Dulce McMillon, Super Woman of 42!

    In this episode we have another amazing team member, Dulce McMillon.


    Managing time can be challenging when you have the responsibilities of being a mom and a businesswoman. Dulce McMillon talks about balancing both roles with careful planning, organization, and prioritization.


    She also talks about stepping out of your comfort zone is when you want to achieve new things in life. It's natural to feel hesitant or fearful about trying something unfamiliar or challenging, but growth and progress often come from embracing discomfort.


    Listen to this podcast now and know what more valuable things she has to say!

    "I absolutely love what I am doing because it connects with our members." - Dulce McMillon

     "You cannot think about physical transformation without emotional and spiritual transformation." - Dulce McMillon


    "Balance doesn't have to be 50-50." - Dulce McMillon




    00.00 - Introduction

    03.12 - How she ended up working in fitness?

    06.33 - Bikini competition

    08.14 - Funny story

    13.57 - We've all been through pandemic

    17.01 - Transformation

    19.00 - Vastness of Fit in 42

    23.21 - What are your hobbies

    28.50 - How do you do all of it?

    36.02 - Social media videos

    37.38 - What do you think about when you wake up?

    40.11 - I truly believe in what I do

    41.15 - Message for everyone

    42.29 - Wrapping Up

    44m | May 31, 2023
  • Seek the Struggle - Run away from being 'Normal'

    Stepping out of your comfort zone can be challenging, but it often leads to personal growth and new opportunities. While staying within your comfort zone may feel easy and familiar, it can also limit your experiences and prevent you from reaching your full potential.

    In this podcast episode, Ryann and I will discuss 'Seek the struggle.' Normalcy and routine can offer stability and a sense of security, but they can also lead to stagnation and missed opportunities for growth.

    Tune in to this episode know how to take small steps outside of your comfort zone to build resilience, adaptability, and confidence!

    "It's one thing to have an idea and it's another thing to execute it." - Ryann McMillon 

    "If you have to be successful, you have to be happy and healthy." - Ryann McMillon 

    "You should always read the labels and know what you are eating. Make the right choices." - Ryann McMillon 

    "Look around you. Normal is around us." - Gerry Washack 

    "You're on the stairs, everyone else are on the escalator." - Gerry Washack 

    "Push yourself in life." - Ryann McMillon 

    "If you choose to do difficult things, it gives you more pride in yourself." - Gerry Washack 


    00.00 - Introduction

    05.00 - Dr. Wolf

    10.48 - Youth Empowerment Program 

    17.39 - Almond butter vs peanut butter

    24.11 - Seek the struggle

    39.56 - Wrapping Up 

    41m | May 29, 2023
  • Meet Our Team: Ryann Mcmillon - The Decision to take the Road to Greatness

    This is a spectacular episode interviewing our guy, Ryann.

    Ryann has discussed his life story in this podcast episode about how he came this far in life and what hardships he faced.


    Hardships play a significant role in shaping a person's life and their perspective towards life. While they may be challenging and uncomfortable to endure, hardships often provide valuable opportunities for personal growth, resilience, and empathy.


    Ryann has also faced numerous obstacles in his life such as his father being in prison, moving from place to place, hiding with the family, living in an emergency shelter and what not. His life has been a total roller coaster ride!


    Working with Ryann in Fit in 42 has made an impact on my life as well. He is a very positive and determined person. It wasn't easy. But we all got through it. We worked very hard to be here.


    Join me and Ryann in this podcast episode and know how he took this as a challenge and became a successful coach at Fit in 42.


    "All of us have battled a lot for the happiness we have now." - Ryann McMillon


    "I had a very unstable life. We moved a lot from place to place. " - Ryann McMillon


    "I grew up in violent and chaotic environment." - Ryann McMillon


    "I never tried to build a relationship with anyone because I knew I have to move." - Ryann McMillon


    "I got hit by a car, went to therapy and that's how I came into fitness." - Ryann McMillon


    "After high school, all I liked was working out." - Ryann McMillon


    "I can party all day or I grab this opportunity and be the best version of myself." - Ryann McMillon


    "Ryann is a super positive and spontaneous person." - Gerry Washack


    "I love Fit in 42, I love its members and I love being a coach here." - Ryann McMillon


    "I'm just getting started. This is just the beginning. " - Ryann McMillon


    Key Takeaways

    00.00 - Introduction

    01.10 - Ryan's childhood

    05.04 - Schooling

    12.16 - We were hiding

    14.20 - Translational program

    21.02 - Did you graduate?

    23.42 - You are ferocious but you keep it suppressed

    29.13 - I don't like making excuses

    32.50 - It is easy to blame others

    34.10 - I got a genetic disorder

    37.33 - We were getting an investor

    43.00 - I was learning about training

    54.11 - Queen of fit in 42

    01.04.29 - How Ryann came into Fit in 42

    01.07.39 - It did not go as planned

    01.15.14 - Ryann being a leader

    01.21.40 - Working with Ryann

    01.28.09 - I am happy with my life

    01.29.50 - Wrapping Up

    1h 31m | May 24, 2023
  • 10 Life Lessons that you NEED to Know!

    I am turning 40 this year and this Fit in 42 podcast episode is about 10 things that I've learnt in my 40 years of life.


    I have shared some really interesting experiences and learnings from my life that you guys must listen to and incorporate in your life.


    Tune in to this podcast episode to know more. It's a small 30 mins podcast and will be worth a listen!


    "Choose positivity in your life." - Gerry Washack


    "You have change what you think about working out." - Gerry Washack


    "Don't be so hard on people. Be gentle and kind." - Gerry Washack


    "Slow down and enjoy the process." - Gerry Washack


    Key Takeaways

    00.00 - Introduction

    02.19 - 10 things I've learnt in last 40 years

    02.23 - No. 1

    04.20 - No. 2

    05.55 - No. 3

    06.53 - No. 4

    09.11 - No. 5

    13.47 - No. 6

    15.10 - No. 7

    17.39 - No. 8

    20.05 - No. 9

    24.12 - No. 10

    27.47 - Wrapping Up


    29m | May 22, 2023
  • Meet our Team: Nicole Shea - from being a client to Super Star Coach at 42 Palm Springs

    In this podcast episode of Fit in 42 we have a very special guest, Nicole. Nicole is a coach from Fit in 42 Palm Springs.


    I have asked Nicole some really interesting questions about her life and how she ended up from working in an animal hospital to an Elite Fitness Coach.


    Nicole has shared many insightful learnings and teachings from her life that might be beneficial for you guys. She always stood up against the odds and worked hard no matter what.


    Tune in to this episode to know more about Nicole!

    "Nicole's story relates to everyone." - Gerry Washack

    "Somedays I still wake up and have doubt about myself. But I will still go even if i don't want to. " - Nicole Shea


    "We are surrounded by a happy and positive environment in 'fit in 42.' "

    -Nicole Shea


    Key Takeaways

    00.00 - Nicole's Introduction

    06.28 - I was working in animal hospital

    09.35 - What did you learn from Fit in 42 program

    11.44 - How did you become a coach?

    13.35 - Nicole's body transformation journey

    18.40 - How Nicole kept it going

    19.52 - Tips for people

    22.30 - Everyone is batteling in their heads

    31.44 - It's never too late to start

    34.49 - Wrapping Up 

    37m | May 17, 2023
  • Are you Willing to put Yourself first to be Better for the Ones you Love?

    In this podcast episode Ryann and I are discussing importance of putting yourself first and other gym related queries.


    Taking care of yourself is crucial for your overall well-being. It is necessary to take care of yourself before you can effectively help others.


    We have also discussed how we all should prepare our body and mind before workout and how different things work for different people.


    Tune in to this Fit in 42 podcast episode to know more.


    "Know your schedule" - Ryann McMillon


    "Get your mind focused in what you are doing." - Gerry Washack


    "Streach your body as much as you can." - Ryan McMillon


    "You need to focus on what you are eating." - Ryan McMillon



    00.00 - Introduction

    04.33 - On the way to Palm Springs

    07.16 - How do you prepare for your workout daily?

    20.47 - Don't just move with weight

    26.20 - Put your oxygen mask first

    35.39 - Habits that you create

    41.00 - Put yourself first


    42m | May 15, 2023
  • Meet our Team: David Molina, Leader of the LQ42 aka The Q!

    We have David Molina, Leader of the LQ42 aka The Q in the Fit in 42 studio in this podcast episode.


    I have asked David some really interesting questions about his life and how he has overcome hardship.


    Tune in to this podcast episode to know about his childhood, family, love life, career, and many more aspects. He has also given some really nice teachings from his experience.



    "I wanted to do big things. I wanted to have experience." - David


    "My girls are not gonna go through what I went through." - Gerry Washack


    "Everybody in my life has told me that I can't make it." - David



    00.00 - Introduction

    01.49 - David's Childhood

    11.11 - There's something powerful about being happy

    20.05 - My sister passed away

    24.15 - There's a lot of hate

    29.35 - David's Internship at Fir in 42

    39.55 - How David got his car

    41.40 - David's love story

    44.35 - Jobs

    50.52 - What are you most proud of in your whole journey?

    54.16 - Wrapping Up


    56m | May 10, 2023
  • Member Questions Answered - Nutriton Hacks, Getting back to your best self and more

    Ryann is finally back after two weeks and we have a super fun and informative Q and A type Fit in 42 podcast episode for you guys.


    We have discussed three major questions related to health and fitness and I am sure these answers will change your view towards workout and eating healthy.


    Ryann and I have also given sneak peek to our daily go-to healthy diets that you can include in your diets as well.


    Tune in to this podcast episode to also know about two amazing summer programs that we are bringing for the kids and adults.


    "There is a lack of confidence in teens and kids these days." - Ryann McMillon


    "Commit. Stop getting bored and give 90 days to what you are doing." - Gerry Washack


    " You should eat according to your goals." Ryann McMillon


    "As you keep going, working on yourself, you keep getting better." - Ryan McMillan



    00.00 - Introduction

    01.08 - Meltdown program

    04.40 - Fit in 42 Empowered Youth

    11.18 - What is something you can't skip whether you want to lose or gain weight?

    17.14 - Go-to healthy food

    31.11 - Is it possible for a 51+ years women to get back in athletic shape?

    39.08 - Wrapping Up 

    41m | May 8, 2023
  • Reaching New Heights and the Constant Pursuit of Growth

    In this podcast episode of Fit in 42, Ryann and I have discussed a very important aspect of life i.e., constant pursuit of growth.


    We discuss how taking small steps in life can lead to significant improvements over time. By focusing on making small changes each day, you can develop new habits and behaviors that can transform your life over the long term.


    Remember that change is a process, and it takes time and effort to create lasting change. But by committing to making small improvements every day, you can create positive habits that will help you become a better version of yourself over time.



    " Read the labels and know what's written there." - Gerry Washack


    "You are growing, but everyone around you is also growing." - Ryann McMillon


    "Everything you do in life is about those small steps you take." - Ryann McMillon


    "Everyday is a new day." - Gerry Washack



    00.00 - Introduction

    01.31 - Teddy Bear Toss

    07.12 - We have an amazing team

    09.21 - Amazing Sugar Information

    15.39 - Constant Pursuit of Growth

    29.21 - Try your hardest

    32.41 - Wrappin Up

    34m | May 1, 2023
  • Meet our Team: Jen Agnew - the Legend of Palm Desert

    In today's episode of Fit in 42 podcast, Jen and I talk about how her upbringing and her life struggles. We have discussed how her experiences have shaped her into the person she is today and have given her a unique perspective on life.


    It's important to recognize and celebrate the strength and resilience of individuals like Jen, as they serve as inspiration and examples for others facing their own challenges. Tune in to this episode to know more!


    "I had a deep love for police officers." - Jen


    "Life is so much hard and stressful but you go to gym, meet your people and leave with a big smile." - Gerry Washack


    'Don't dream it, just go out and do it." - Jen




    00.00 - Introduction

    00.49 - Jen's Introduction

    03.41 - Jen's Upbringing

    09.37 - How did you make it?

    12.55 - How did you end up in fitness?

    16.29 - What our studio is missing?

    19.39 - How are you always so positive?

    22.45 - Jen's Favourite

    27.29 - Wrapping Up 

    29m | Apr 26, 2023
  • 5 Things you are doing that are Sabotaging your Progress

    Setting goals is an important aspect of personal growth and development. However, even with the best intentions and plans, sometimes we can unknowingly sabotage our progress toward achieving those goals.


    In this Fit in 42 podcast episode, Ryann and I discuss the top 5 common behaviors and actions that can hinder our success and hold us back from reaching our full potential and how to avoid these pitfalls to achieve success.


    We have also discussed the teachings of some popular books, breathing workout,s and being consistent and dedicated towards your goal. Tune in to this episode to know more.

    “Celebrate your wins”- Gerry Washack


    “You might slow down if you are not celebrating or enjoying what you do” - Ryann McMillon


    “Feel your bodies” - Ryann McMillon


    “So many people don’t achieve what they want because they procrastinate” - Ryann McMillon


    “It is very unhealthy to compare yourself to others” - Gerry Washack


    “Set realistic goals in life” - Ryann McMillon





    00.00 - Introduction

    01.39 - Ikigai

    07.35 - Obsessed with workout

    09.04 - The Reawakening of Mage Axum

    09.25 - Breath Workout

    14.33 - 5 things you do that can sabotage your goals in the progress

    14.55 - No. 1 thing

    17.50 - No. 2 thing

    22.17 - No. 3 thing

    25.17 - No. 4 thing

    31.04 - No. 5 thing

    38.28 - Wrapping up

    45m | Apr 19, 2023
  • Fear can crush or motivate you! You choose.

    In this short podcast episode I talk about one of the most natural and instinctive emotions that can protect us from danger, fear. However, it can also hold us back from pursuing our dreams and achieving our goals. Listen to this episode where I share my personal life story with fear. You will definitely change your perspective about fear after hearing this. Tune in to this episode now and overcome your fear with courage, resilience, and the willingness to face it head-on.

    "Fear is like Fire" - Gerry Washack

    "Some people let fear take up their mind" - Gerry Washack

    "Are you creating fear for yourself?" - Gerry Washack

    Key Takeaways 00.00 Introduction

    00.50 Fear

    01.22 Fear for Entrepreneurs

    02.02 My Fear Story

    06.01 Message for Ryan

    06.42 Wrapping Up

    7m | Apr 10, 2023
  • Are you willing to Sign that Mental Contract with Yourself?

    In this podcast, Ryann and I discuss the importance of believing in yourself and how it can help in reaching goals. We talk about how trusting yourself can give you the necessary motivation and drive to keep pushing forward even when faced with challenges and setbacks.


    We also emphasize the significance of setting clear and achievable goals, as it helps in building momentum and measuring progress. Furthermore, we suggest breaking down bigger goals into smaller achievable milestones, which helps in staying focused and motivated.


    Ryan and I are also starting a Youth Empowerment Scholarship program which will last for 4 weeks. We will support the kids through this and give them proper guidance on various topics. Tune in to this Fit in 42 podcast episode to know more!


    “Believe in yourself, that’s the most important thing.” - Ryann McMillon


    “Goals help you in your journey.” - Gerry Washack


    “It takes a ton of focus, vision, and sacrifices to achieve your goal.” - Ryann McMillon


    “Build trust with yourself that you can do this.” - Ryann McMillon



    Key Takeaways

    00.00 Introduction

    01.39 Nicotine

    04.36 Pre-workout

    09.53 Next Fit in 42

    11.19 Alcohol's effect on the body

    15.14 Youth Empowerment Scholarship

    24.36 Reaching Goals

    44.30 Negative mindset

    45.50 Wrapping Up


    47m | Apr 3, 2023
  • How to Stay Motivated when things aren't going your way.

    In this episode of the Fit in 42 podcast, Ryann and I have had a very delightful conversation on various topics. We have discussed the Fit in 42 program, overcoming obstacles, our experiences, and transformation.


    Negative self-talk and doubts about one's own abilities can be major obstacles to progress. Ryann and I elaborate on the times when we struggled to find the drive to continue working towards our goals, and how we found the motivation to keep working hard.


    People should explore different ways so that people can prioritize their own personal growth and development. Tune in to this Fit in 42 podcast to listen to us talk about life and the importance of investing in yourself.



    “Obstacles have everybody’s address, are you ready when they come knocking at your door?”- Ryann McMillon


    “If you don't know where you are headed, you lose motivation” - Ryann McMillon


    “Trust the process” - Gerry Washack


    “Good times are not gonna last and bad times will also not. Create a balance” - Gerry Washack


    “You should protect yourself at any cost.”. - Ryann McMillon


    “Invest in yourself now to become the person, you want to be.” - Gerry Washack



    00.00 Introduction

    03.30 It’s Over

    09.00 Carl’s story

    10.52 Fit in 42 Games

    16.01 Ryann’s recommendation

    20.00 Be Honest

    25.55 How to trust the process

    28.44 Negative people

    33.43 Motivated People

    39.14 Gerry’s Past

    46.40 Wrapping Up

    47m | Mar 27, 2023
  • Bring More Happiness to your Life - Reclaim Your Inner Child

    As we grow older, we tend to become more focused on our daily lives and responsibilities. We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our routines, often forgetting to take a break and relive the moments that brought us happiness when we were younger.


    In this episode of Fit in 42 podcast, Ryann and I have discussed reliving the moments that made us happy while we were young and how it provides us with an opportunity to reconnect with our younger selves. We get to revisit the activities, hobbies, and interests that brought us joy and made us feel alive.


    If we loved playing sports when we were younger, we could join a local team or start playing with friends again. If we enjoyed painting or drawing, we could take a class or set up a small studio in our home. Tune in to this episode to listen to this very light and relaxing podcast.


    “We want this to be your lifestyle and just not work out.” - Gerry Washack

     “Enjoy and be a part of the present” - Ryann McMillon


    “Get out there, have some fun, and be happy!” - Gerry Washack

     “Doing things that you love, makes you relaxed and brings in creativity” - Ryann McMillon

     “Do something that makes YOU happy.”- Gerry Washack


    00.00 - Introduction

    01.00 - Personal Retreat Days

    07.00 - Fit in 42 lifestyle

    08.51 - Field Day

    14.54 - More to life

    22.36 - Parents lose themselves

    22.34 - Idea behind this podcast

    28.35 - Hockey game

    29.45 - Wrap Up

    30m | Mar 20, 2023
  • Powerful Life Lessons from the Chinese Bamboo Story

    Consistency is the key when it comes to working out. Many people become demotivated when they don't see immediate changes in their bodies, but it's important to remember that progress takes time.

    Tune in to this podcast to hear Ryann and me as we talk about consistency and health. We have discussed the Bamboo plant example to help you understand how ‘health is consistency.’ It's not just about the physical changes you see on the outside, but also the positive impact that exercise has on your overall health and well-being. We have also talked about the people from the Fit in 42 program who have followed the workout routine religiously and have benefitted. Listen to this podcast and don't give up! Keep pushing yourself, and you'll start to see the changes you want.

    “Coaches give you tough love” - Gerry Washack

    “The ‘edge’ to me is I am doing what other people aren’t doing.” - Ryann McMillon

    “Investing yourself in Fit in 42 is not cheap, but it definitely makes a better version of yourself” - Gerry Washack

    “It's okay to ask for help.” - Ryann McMillon

    “Health is consistency. You are building a foundation.” - Ryann McMillon

    Key Takeaways 00.00

    Introduction 01.05 Fit in 42 Podcast Listener Experience

    02.50 Positive changes in people 05.19

    Struggles of people in workout 07.51

    Do your own things 11.20

    Road of Improvement 22.04

    Being vulnerable 23.50 Bamboos Plant

    32.00 Wrapping up

    33m | Mar 13, 2023
  • Maximize your Day! - Mastering Time Management

    Are you someone who struggles with time management? Do you find it difficult to plan your day and go according to the schedule? It is all about prioritizing important things in your life.

    In this podcast episode, Ryann and I delve into the importance of time management and how it can help individuals achieve success in their personal and professional lives. We highlight how time is a finite resource and how poor time management can lead to missed opportunities, stress, and burnout.

    The episode covers various time management techniques followed by Ryann, which involve a combination of prioritization, time blocking, time managing app etc. He tells us about how he plans his day and sticks to the schedule strictly

    If you are one of those who want to prioritize their time, use effective time management techniques, and set realistic goals and timelines to achieve success, this episode of Fit in 42 podcast is for you. Tune in to know more!

    “Supplements are very important for overall health” - Ryann McMillon

    “For learning any new skill, follow 30 minutes for 30 days” - Gerry Washack

    “You should decide what you want more of and plan your day accordingly” - Gerry Washack

    “I have to win the game of life” - Ryann McMillon

    “Do things outside the box, apart from what others are doing” - Ryann McMillon

    “Don’t be used by social media, use social media” -Ryann McMillon

    Key Takeaways 00.00 - Introduction

    05.18 - Subconscious mind

    08.40 - Fit in 42 program

    10.56 - Time management

    13.46 - Block system of time management

    17.58 - ‘Way of Life’ app

    25.00 - 168 hours in a week

    26.45 - Biggest time wasters

    30.13 - Game of life 33.33 -

    Social Media

    37.20 - Wrapping Up

    38m | Mar 6, 2023
  • The BEST Ways to Approach each and every workout! Mind and Body Tips!

    During our conversation on this episode of The Fit in 42 Life, Ryann and I discuss the importance of having the right mindset when it comes to working out. We both believe that the way you approach your fitness journey can greatly impact your success. Tune in to this episode now to learn more interesting facts.


    “The dressing of your salad has around 300 calories. If you are eating a salad with more than 3 ingredients, you might want to question that!” - Ryann McMillon


    “There is so much to be thankful for every day, and you have to be a person who acknowledges it. Start your day with positivity” - Ryann McMillon


    “If you want to change your body, it has to be difficult and challenging.” Ryann McMillon


    “I will not try to get myself hurt while working out. I care about tomorrow and I will not spoil my present. If I feel a tweak in my body, I will immediately stop” - Gerry Washack


    “When people support me that I can do more, it motivates me.” - Gerry Washack


    Key Takeaways

    00.00 - Introduction

    06.55 - Attitude and Gratitude

    08.55 - Ryann’s 75 Hard Workout Experience

    14.25 - Mindset of every workout

    23.40 - I want to get better

    35.00 - Identity

    37.00 - Wrapping Up

    39m | Feb 27, 2023
  • 5 Fitness Myths we expose as LIES!

    The world of fitness can be filled with confusing and misleading information, making it difficult for people to know what to believe and what to ignore. In this week’s episode, Ryann and I aim to set the record straight by tackling these myths head on.


    As you listen to this episode, it's important to keep an open mind and to be willing to challenge your own beliefs about fitness, gym, and diet. Ask yourself questions such as: "What have I been told about fitness that may not be entirely true?" and "How can I make changes to my approach to fitness based on the information I learn from this episode?


    Ryann and I have not only provided the facts, but we have also offered practical tips and strategies to help you achieve your desired fitness goals. Tune in to this episode of "The Fit in 42 Life" podcast and get ready to have your mind blown as Ryann and I bust 5 common myths about fitness, gym, and diet.

    “You need to feed your body with proper nutrients.” - Ryann McMillon

    “We are all going to get older, accept getting older, but don't accept the norms that society put on us.” - Gerry Washack


    “Look how far you have come now, if you quit now, you will be back to zero. It hurts to start again” - Ryann McMillon

    “Health is an infinite game; you play it until you are gone.”- Ryann McMillon


    Key Takeaways:

    0.00 - Introduction

    03.04 - Train your body and mind

    04.15 - Top 5 fitness myths

    05.01 - Myth No. 1

    09.44 - Myth No. 2

    17.43 - Myth No. - 3

    22.45 - Myth No. - 4

    26.25 - Myth No. - 5

    31.14 - Bonus Myth Burst

    33.53 - Wrapping Up

    35m | Feb 20, 2023
  • Fit in 42 is About to Transform Many People’s Lives - Get Ready!

    Do you know what time it is? It's the Fit in 42 season! It's that time of the year when we take on a bigger challenge to help transform many people’s lives.

    Ryann and I (and the rest of our team) are so pumped and in the zone as we prepare for the start of the Fit in 42 season.

    So in this week's episode, we talk about how we prepare for the coming Fit in 42, what makes it successful, a shoutout to some of our successful 42ers, why we do what we do, and much more.

    If you or you know someone still on the fence about joining our program, this is the best time to take that leap and sign up with us. 

    Let's get started!

    "We take people from the darkest moments and teach them how to reach their maximum potential. And that's what people do with us, and that's what we give them." - Ryann McMillon

    "Follow the program. Don't do it your way. Your way got you here right now." - Gerry Washack

    "So we're really working on your mind and educating you so you can live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life. Because an educated mind is an informed mind, and no one can ever steal that from you." - Ryann McMillon

    Key Takeaways:

    The alarming obesity rate in the U.S. (03:57)

    The major causes of the increasing obesity rate (10:34)

    What makes Fit in 42 successful? (16:41)

    Our ex-42ers turned superstar employees (20:30)

    Fit in 42 makes an impact in every aspect of your life (26:33)

    Additional Resources:

    - Get your FREE copy of our recipe book here

    - Follow Fit in 42 on Instagram here

    - Visit our website here 


    The Fit in 42 Life Podcast is a fitness, lifestyle, and community podcast that helps bring out the athlete in you while transforming your life.

    Follow us on your favorite podcasting platform so you never miss an episode!

    31m | Feb 13, 2023
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