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The Fit in 42 Life

If you’re looking for tools and strategies to live your best life possible, this is your podcast. Let Casey Washack, co-creator of the nationally recognized transformational program Fit in 42 help You achieve the goals you’ve always wanted to.


Weather the Storm
Show Details9min 15s
The Roundtable with David Molina and Jason Organ
Show Details55min 9s
One thing that transformed my life
Show Details19min
We are all budding superheroes
Show Details13min 35s
The easiest way to lose momentum...
Show Details27min 47s
Are you “fit?”
Show Details14min 45s
Time to unleash
Show Details18min 20s
Are you prepared?
Show Details31min 27s
The power of yet
Show Details17min 50s
Are you just hitting the notes or are you playing the music?
Show Details20min 39s
Don’t be a fence-sitter!
Show Details18min 43s
Business advice a 7 year old could understand
Show Details45min 31s
The idea of family
Show Details22min 44s
How Bob the turtle will change your life
Show Details14min 37s
Answering your questions on training injured, losing motivation and the concept of balance
Show Details22min 53s
The insanity of doing cardio for fat loss
Show Details33min 58s
Start keeping score!
Show Details30min 20s
Are you living life in bubble wrap?
Show Details13min 51s
The concept of “taking the stairs”
Show Details17min 10s
Does it spark joy? My journey into minimalism
Show Details22min 17s
The truth behind food and shame
Show Details18min 58s
The food industry is playing you!
Show Details22min 27s
The role of a Coach
Show Details35min 22s
Are you speaking different languages inside your relationships?
Show Details9min 45s
This isn’t as good as it gets!
Show Details33min 13s
Sometimes you need to be the bad guy!
Show Details18min 31s
Stop surviving and start thriving
Show Details26min 29s
The emotional roller coaster that leads to today, day 1!
Show Details18min 9s
You are the cause and the solution!
Show Details18min 19s
How to tap into that Next Level!
Show Details16min 38s
Everything you want is on the other side discomfort
Show Details7min 32s
Who’s in your tribe?
Show Details18min 26s
Being frozen to singing Frozen
Show Details11min 1s
Imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time
Show Details11min 49s