• “How to Date” w/ Married Neuropsychologist & Mindfulness Teacher

    Going deep on dating, self-worth, vulnerability and compatibility with my perfect life-partner, Debbie.

    She & I met online after I finally figured out that “compatibility is king” in the dating game.

    We discuss the often-controversial dating advice for men that’s out there, the pitfalls of online dating, the psychology of finding a mate and how to finally win the game on your own terms 🥳

    57m | Aug 6, 2021
  • Can You Be As Happy As You Are On Drugs (Without Drugs)?

    Just a morning rant in which I discuss 'the winner effect' and how I managed to make myself as happy as I was on ecstasy. Perhaps you can manage it too...

    27m | May 5, 2021
  • Now Is The Time To Rest

    A guided sleep meditation, encouraging you to relax without seeking, labelling or wishing things were different.

    [Photo by Jordan Steranka on Unsplash]

    9m | Apr 26, 2021
  • How to Enjoy the Breath Right Here, Right Now (Guided Meditation)

    Everything is a mixed bag. When we investigate the breath, we can usually find both pleasant and unpleasant sensations. As sentient beings, we have the amazing power of directing our attention. In this practice, I guide you in developing the skill of placing your attention on whatever pleasant sensations are here to be found in the breath. This practice leads to great benefit, both for yourself and for those around you.

    [Photo by nine koepfer on Unsplash]

    19m | Apr 21, 2021
  • How to See the Benefit of Genuine Rest

    There’s nothing wrong with doing, but when life is all doing, it’s like a piece of music with no rests (think speed metal with a white noise generator filing in the gaps!) Rest—genuine rest—is something quite different to what you were trained to do on the weekends. You need to become insistent, in the softest possible way, about rest—in the same way as you'd give your seat to an elderly person on the bus.

    [Photo by Ilham Rahmansyah on Unsplash]

    12m | Apr 20, 2021
  • How to Know Your True Self Right Here, Right Now

    Who are you? Have you ever answered that question the same way twice? Do you have a secret answer that’s only for you? Does this one stay the same? If so, can you put it into words? Let’s try an experiment...

    10m | Apr 19, 2021
  • How to Find Your Natural High (And Say Goodbye to Your Guilty Pleasure)

    You probably have at least one guilty pleasure. But what if you could replace it with a natural high—one that has no comedown? Find out how, then watch your old habits become old news 😌

    5m | Apr 17, 2021
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