Reprogram Yourself For Success

1h 0m | Sep 14, 2023
This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam is pleased to welcome Facilitator, Speaker, and Master Mindset Coach, Janet Elaine Schmidt.
With over a decade of experience as an Integrative Holistic Healing and Performance Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker, and Master Mindset Coach, Janet is the visionary Creator and Founder of "Reprogram For Success" and Quantum Consciousness Integration™.
Janet's journey led her to discover that through a strategic blend of Energy Psychology Techniques, alongside modern and ancient reprogramming methods, one can reshape their belief systems to achieve the success one desires across all facets of life. Her remarkable success rate of 95% among clients speaks volumes about the efficacy of her approach.
Janet enables you to identify and remove energetic barriers and inherited imprints stored in the subconscious for generations. She imparts invaluable insights on recognizing and releasing limiting programs, imprints, blocks, and ailments, paving the way for enhanced emotional intelligence, and fostering prosperity in both professional and personal realms.
Boasting an array of certifications, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Eye Movement Integration, Advanced PSYCH-K®, Advanced ThetaHealing™, DNA Reengineering, Light Code Activation, and more, Janet's expertise is a testament to her dedication to this transformative work.
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