The Challenges Of Transformational Work

1h 2m | Mar 7, 2024

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, we have another special show with just you and Sam as he shares about the challenges in doing deep transformational work.

We often romanticize what it means to do deep personal and spiritual transformational work. That the road to enlightenment is one paved with a smooth straight road, that takes us past all of our challenges.

Nothing is further from the truth.

As anyone will relate, when we step upon the path of transformational work, it is fraught with pain, mistakes and missteps, deep challenges, and chaos.

It takes real commitment to travel along this path. It takes faith and trust that things will get better, even when there is no sigh of improvement.

Sam has been through a lot over the past 15 years of traveling on this path, and he will share some of the biggest mistakes and challenges he has had to face and continues to face, to help you be a little more prepared for your own challenges.

Tune in and share your own thoughts about your own challenges on your path to transformation and change on our YouTube livestream or on our Facebook page

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