The Secret Code of Your Mind

1h 2m | Feb 15, 2024

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam is pleased to welcome Chiropractic Holistic Physician, Visionary Thinker, and a Leading Expert in Consciousness, Dr. Darren Weissman.

Dr. Weissman is the Developer of The LifeLine Technique®, where he empowers individuals to transform their emotional programs and unlock their innate healing potential. With bestselling books such as The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude, Awakening to the Secret Code of Your Mind, The Heart of the Matter, and his children's book, The Daily Lessons of Infinite Love & Gratitude, Dr. Weissman's writings have touched the lives of many seeking personal growth and healing. His contributions can also be found in Dr. Emoto's best-selling book, The Healing Power of Water.

In addition to his written works, Dr. Weissman has appeared in films such as "E-Motion," "Making Mankind," "Beyond Belief," and the award-winning documentary "HEAL." 

Driven by a deep passion for helping others, Dr. Weissman continues to inspire and guide individuals on their journeys of transformation. With his expertise, guidance, and compassionate approach, Dr. Weissman empowers individuals to embrace their true potential to awaken the dormant greatness within.

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