The Best Validation In The World

1h 2m | Apr 4, 2024

This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, we have another special show with just you and Sam as he shares about where to find the most important validation.

We all look for validation throughout our lives. From our parents to our friends, teachers, bosses, and coworkers. We naturally seek it from the outside world, wanting so desperately to be recognized.

Yet as long as we continue to seek validation from the outside world, we will always be disappointed. We will be let down. We will be hurt.

The funny thing is that as soon as we stop looking for it elsewhere, and start looking for inside of ourselves, we no longer need it to come from other people. When we truly see ourselves, accept ourselves, and validate how we feel, we no longer care whether anyone else validates us or not.

And that when the magic happens. For the very thing we were looking for our life, the same thing we just learned to give ourselves, now that we stopped looking for it, it comes to us in droves.

Please join us as Sam shares his insights and experiences from working with hundreds of people over the years, about the importance of validating ourselves, and how to do that.

Tune in and share your own thoughts and feelings about validation, and how you look for it or not, on our YouTube livestream or on our Facebook page

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