Making Friends With The Unknown

1h 2m | Aug 3, 2023


This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, we have another fascinating show with just you and Sam as he shares with you his own experiences of dealing with the unknown, and what we have to learn from them.

It is too common that we hit an unexpected turn in our path, or pothole in the road to where we think we are going. We have plans, expectations, and then some sudden event derails our plans. Now what? What do we do to deal with these unexpected twists and turns?

Life never goes according to plan. Life is organic, changeable, and surprising. We all know this. We have all experienced times when we were forced to shift and change what we were going to do. Where we get in trouble is when we hold on too tightly to our plans, and always expect things to according to them. That rarely happens.

This week we’ll talk about how to live a magically life by learning to embrace those very moments when the most unexpected things show up. 

Tune in and share your own thoughts on our YouTube livestream. What unexpected events are you dealing with?  Join in and share your questions and your stories with us!

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