In The Present Moment

1h 2m | Jun 1, 2023

Episode title:  In The Present Moment


This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, we have another wonderful show with just you and Sam as he shares a personal story about his life, and why presence matters so much. 


It is so easy to get taken out of presence. For most of us it happens when we are young, just trying to escape our pain. Sometimes it happens when we are older, and our life is just not what we thought it would be. We look to escape in so many ways. It might feel good at the moment, but in the long run we are only cheating ourselves.

When we stop running away from what is, and turn our attention to what we are running away from, we can find true liberation. The path forward may not be easy or fun, but it is the most rewarding path we can take.

Tune in and listen to Sam’s story of how he came to find presence once again in his. He will share from his chapter of the newly published book, From Good To Greatness, and bring you on the ride of his life!

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