SE3 EP10 Eco Tripping Feat Brad Rutherford

1h 37m | Mar 31, 2021

Tell us about yourself and what is your name and the name of your channel?


When did you start your channel?


Why did you start your YouTube channel?


What is your Channel be about?


Who is your target audience?


What do you hope to achieve with your channel?


Do Bahamians as a whole care about the environment?


What does the government do to protect our environment?


What are the most pressing environmental issues Bahamians need to watch?

Is the environment the gov'ts responsibility or the people's?


Can you speak to what climate change actually is and how it affects The Bahamas?


With Grand Bahama in particular, and the amount of industrial and chemical-based companies here, is everyone following proper procedure, or some BS gettin' practiced?


What are your parting thoughts to Bahamians? 

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