CNAOC Presents: Vets In The Game - Bodine Victoria

1h 48m | May 27, 2022

Bodine Victoria Singer, Songwriter, Television Host, Actress, Producer, Creator, Chef, #TeamChooolateEmpress Gold Standard and Veteran Businesswoman is the quintessential expression of Bahamian Culture, Music and Caribbean Flavor! She sits down with Ruckus Mann to tell us about her life, experiences journey to becoming a Vet In The Game! Support & Follow & Book her on @bodinevictoria on FB | IG | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube and all popular socials

Who is Bodine? What is Bodine's origins?

What does "Bodine" mean?

When did you know music was your calling in life?

Who where some of your inspirations to pursue music?

How difficult was it to "break through?"

What was your first big break?

What is your proudest accomplishment to date professionally?

What is Bahamian music to Bodine?

What is your opinion on the Bahamian musical landscape?

How should women navigate through a male dominated industry?

Is it difficult walking the line of assertive and bitch?

When an unfortunate situation that's connected to your gender comes up, how does that change you as an artist and as a woman?

What made you want to become a teacher, and how does that affect your artistry? How important is having a support system around you?

What would present day Bodine say to her past younger self?

What is in the future for Be

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