CNAOC Presents: Vets In The Game - Sammi Starr

1h 37m | May 16, 2022

For our first episode, we interview Senior Recording Artist Sammi Starr. Sammi get's candid about his life experience, music, rise to fame, longevity and what's in the future for him.

Who is Sammi Starr?

What is Sammi's origins?

When did you know music was your calling in life?

Who where some of your inspirations to pursue music?

How difficult was it to "break through?"

What was your first big break?

What is your proudest accomplishment to date professionally?

What is your on the Bahamian musical landscape?

Switch gears to something more serious and deeply personal, in early to mid 2020 you, and your family were robbed at gun point in front of your family. If you don't mind, could you tell us what happened?

Thanks to The Father, you survived with you life. Do you know if they were caught?

How are your wife and children?

How does an experience like that change you as man, and as an artist?

How important is having a support system around you?

What would present day Sammi Starr say to his past younger self?

What is in the future for Sammi Starr?

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