The Codename: Agents of Chaos Podcast Season 4 Ep1

1h 5m | Jun 23, 2021

The CNAOC Podcast Season 4 with Director Ruckus Mann, Agent Indy, Agent Jasmin, and Agent Tee-Y brought to you by Grand Bahama Studios. Our topic? Pride & Prejudice: LGBT In The Bahamas. Do you support or not support the community? Call us live, on FB live. 242.802.5837 

  1. Do we believe Gay Bahamians should have the same rights as Straights?
  2. Do we support the Bahamian Gay Community? (Yes there's a difference)
  3. What is the overall end game for the Bahamian Gay community?
  4. Is it really about rights, or something more?
  5. What do our laws actually state when it comes to gay rights?
  6. The choice: God vs Gay
  7. The Bahamas Christian Council -_- STFUF!
  8. The hijacking & disrespect
  9. The hunter becomes the hunted
  10. Wolves in sheep clothing
  11. Slippery slope to the gates of hell
  12. Something else, something worse

The Codename: Agents Of Chaos Podcast