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Springboard Prayers

In this noisy world, a springboard for prayer is more than welcome! Here, you'll find guided prayers on various topics to get your conversation going with the Lord. Our hope is that you'd be able to come back time and time again when you need that extra support. The majority of these prayers are based on the book, Springboard Prayers by Valerie Woerner, which you can find at shop.valmariepaper.com with many more prayers like these included. We'll release a new episode here periodically, but for more consistent prayer content, head to our other podcast, Prayer in a Noisy World, where you'll hear interviews with ordinary prayer warriors along with how-to's from Valerie.


A Prayer for Healing
Show Details4min 37s
A Prayer for Your Kids
Show Details4min 37s
A Prayer for Your Spouse
Show Details5min 5s
A Prayer for Intercession
Show Details5min 3s
A Prayer for Fasting
Show Details4min 7s
A Prayer for Vibrancy
Show Details4min 58s
A Prayer When You're Distracted
Show Details3min 34s
A Prayer for a Sound Mind
Show Details4min 32s
A Prayer for Passion
Show Details5min 6s
A Prayer for Wonder
Show Details3min 51s
A Prayer for Transofrmation
Show Details3min 52s
A Prayer for Wisdom
Show Details3min 25s
BONUS: My 30 Minute Prayer Method
Show Details17min 32s