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Self Evolution Regardless: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and Self Growth

Are you tired of all that negative energy you get around certain people in your life? These could be your boss, your "good" friend, your boy/ girlfriend, spouse, even a family member SUPRISINGLY ENOUGH. Well, we are all here seeking growth despite this pain and Self Evolution Regardless is here for all of us. Every Saturday and Sunday S.E.R is producing new episodes on this topic; with the aim of learning the strategies people emotionally exploit us, but most importantly how we can evolve regardless of the abuse by self investment and love.


The Verbal Abuse
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Spending Holidays with Narcissistic Parents
Show Details35min 6s
Cult Features
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How the Scapegoat is Treated Differently Than Their Siblings
Show Details38min 31s
Triangulation of Siblings
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Safe Haven Away From Abuse
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Moving Out: Let Us Have A Talk
Show Details44min 45s
Important Self Care Tips
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The Narcissist and Animal Abuse
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The Infamous Cognitive Distortions
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Virtue Signaling of the Narcissist
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Signs of Trauma Bonding
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The Narcissist and YOUR Diet
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Photographs and Narcissistic Abuse
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Going Over Abuse and Its Effects (Part 2)
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Going Over Abuse and Its Effects
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What is Taboo? From a Personal Perspective
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Was It An Obsession
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Superiority Complex, Money and Condescension
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The Narcissistic Sibling
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Pro Not Having Kids
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Being the Extension of the Narcissistic Parent
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Being Alone Vs Lonely... What Can I Say?
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Competition of Narcissistic Mothers with their Daughters
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10 Steps to Healthy Boundaries
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Healthy Boundaries Signs (Lost Count)
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The Narcissist and the 7 Deadly SINS (Part 2)
Show Details43min 8s
The Narcissist and the 7 Deadly SINS (Part 1)
Show Details32min 10s
The Emotional Numbness
Show Details44min 28s
DSM 5 Study of the Cluster B Disorders
Show Details46min 28s
Narcissistic Personality Disorder NPD Traits
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Special Advice for THE DEAR Narcissists
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Raising Kids to be CONFIDENT And Not Cocky
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How to Ask Questions About Narcissism
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How to NOT Attract A Narcissist In Your Life
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The Flying Monkey Doing the Dirty Work
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PTSD Symptoms Part 2
Show Details25min 57s
PTSD Causes, Risk Factors, SYMPTOMS and Treatments
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The Economic/ Financial Abuse in Narcissistic Relationships
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The Coercive Control of The Narcissists
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10 Love Bombing Signs To Be Careful Of
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Relevent Quotes of Inspiration
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When Your Family Enmeshes You
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The Hoarding Phenomenon
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21 Signs of a Toxic Relationship
Show Details25min 50s
15 Signs of A HEALTHY Romantic Relationship
Show Details35min 59s
30 Tips to Recover from Codependency
Show Details8min 20s
15 Signs of A HEALTHY Romantic Relationship
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21 Signs of a Toxic Relationship
Show Details25min 50s
Important Self Care Tips
Show Details54min 42s
15 Signs of Someone with Avoidant Attachment Style (if you are dating)
Show Details30min 2s
15 Signs of Someone with Avoidant Attachment Style (if you are dating)
Show Details30min 2s
Essence of Learning New Things and Creating New Hobbies
Show Details29min 3s
The Narcissist Will Limit You (Part2)
Show Details49min 44s
The Narcissist Limits You (Part 1)
Show Details56min 37s
Alone Time is Extremely Crucial
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Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse
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Extended Family Members? Bad Idea
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Personal Bill Of Rights RECAP
Show Details18min 43s
Right #40: NOT to Give Reasons or Justifications for YOUR Behaviors
Show Details26min 8s
Right #39: Asking For What YOU Want
Show Details35min 5s
Right #38: To Say I Don't Know
Show Details37min 43s
Right #37: Give and Receive Unconditional Love
Show Details43min 26s
Right #36: Trust and Forgive YOURSELF
Show Details46min 49s
Right #35: Trusting Those Worth Our Trust, and Not Those Undeserving of It
Show Details38min 19s
The Day Honoring the GOOD Mothers
Show Details35min 55s
Right #34: Grieving over Actual or Threatened Losses
Show Details39min 33s
Stupid Mistake Turned Into Drama: Triangulation and Discard (Part 2)
Show Details27min 10s
Stupid Mistake Turned Into Drama: Triangulation and Dicard (Part 1)
Show Details30min
The Four Styles of Attachments
Show Details44min 57s
Right #33: I Can Take Care Of Myself No Matter What (24 Tips)
Show Details33min 33s
6 Painful Issues Offspring of Narcissistic Ancestors Suffer From
Show Details49min 21s
Right #32: Healthier Than Those Around YOU
Show Details34min 1s
Right #31: To Be Around a NON-Abusive Environment
Show Details34min 7s
Right #30: Making GOOD Friends And Being Comfortable Around People
Show Details31min 21s
Why Dating for Children of Narcissistic Parents Is Different In 9 Ways
Show Details50min 34s
Right #29: Improve Communication Skills to be Understood
Show Details32min 20s
Right #28: Right to CHANGE and GROWTH
Show Details38min 33s
Right #27: To Be Flexible and To Be Comfortable Doing So
Show Details28min 20s
Toxic Friends Frenzy Frenziness
Show Details41min 54s
What A Narcissistic Person DOES To You
Show Details45min 33s
Right #26: OKAY To Be Playful, Telaxed and Frivolous
Show Details18min 38s
Right #25: No Need to SMILE While Crying
Show Details25min 30s
Right #24: Your OWN Space and Time
Show Details32min 35s
Right #23: Right To ROOTS, Stabilty and Healthy Relationdhips
Show Details33min 18s
Right #23: To Be Happy
Show Details29min 33s
Right #21: Change YOUR Mind At Any Time
Show Details24min 33s
Conversation with Donnathon on Therapy and More Topics
Show Details57min 25s
38 Actual 3 Dimensional Signs of a Dysfunctional Family
Show Details47min 41s
When You are Second Guessing Yourself
Show Details21min 18s
The Pseudomutuality Term As Interesting as It Is
Show Details46min 44s
The Weaponised Secrets and What to Do About Them
Show Details43min 32s
It's NOT Them! It's Their Comments!
Show Details32min 47s
Their Breadcrumbing Works on YOU!
Show Details25min 30s
The Picture of Dorian Gray in Real Life ASMR
Show Details36min 22s
Let's Talk About That Inflated Ego
Show Details35min 23s
Don't Freak Out By These Confessions
Show Details43s
Halfway There with the Personal Bill of Rights!
Show Details3min 33s
Fake Promises of The Future a.k.a "Future Faking"
Show Details33min 47s
Right #20 ASMR: Make to Make Decisions Based on YOUR Own Feelings ASMR
Show Details4min 52s
Right #19: Experience Without Fear, Guilt or Shame
Show Details24min 51s
Right #18: Feel Scared and Say YOU Are
Show Details51min 5s
Basically a CoronaVirus RANT
Show Details29min 11s
Right #17: Uniquely To Be ME Without Feeling Not Good Enough
Show Details27min 46s
Benefits of Podcasting
Show Details17min 19s
Right #16: Right to Be Angry At Someone We Love
Show Details38min 12s
Escape the Abuser's Dhumanizing INFANTILISATION
Show Details35min 18s
Right #15: YOUR Right to ALL Your Feelings
Show Details43s
Right #15: YOUR Right to ALL Your Feelings
Show Details20min 51s
Right #14: YOU Expect Honesty from Others
Show Details33min 28s
Personal Bill Of Rights: Right #13: Right to YOUR Mistakes and To Not Be PERFECT
Show Details30min 46s
Narcs Use Manipulation Tactics on You (Part 2)
Show Details32min 50s
The Narcissist's Manipulation Strategies (Part 1)
Show Details46min 53s
Teenagers: You LEARN What You LIVE With
Show Details40min 51s
Shame: Types and Healthy VS Toxic Uses
Show Details26min 29s
Playing the Shame Game, Understand It!
Show Details35min 18s
Children Learn What They Live With, and So Do We (Part 2)
Show Details30min 7s
Children Learn What They Live with (Put Up With), and So Do We
Show Details23min 23s
The Narcissistic Supply
Show Details27min 24s
10 Rules of a Narcissistic Famiy (With Bonus Rules)
Show Details22min 16s
The Lost Child Role in a Dysfunctional Family (Origin and Traits)
Show Details33min 9s
How to Know You Are Dealing with an Enabler in Toxic Relationships
Show Details30min 13s
Personal Bill of Rights: Right #12: No Responsibility Over Other People s Behaviors, Feelings or Problems
Show Details16min 24s
When The Narcissist is Acting Nice: Be Careful
Show Details24min 54s
Personal Bill of Rights: Right #11: Terminate Conversations of Humiliation
Show Details23min 55s
Personal Bill of Rights: Right #10: Have Needs and Wants Respected
Show Details19min 53s
Being in a Romantic Relationship with a Narcissist
Show Details35min 46s
Personal Bill of Rights: Right #9: Determining and Honoring Own Priorities
Show Details21min 22s
Personal Bill of Rights : Right #8 Making Decisions
Show Details13min 34s
if You Have an Idea, Work On It
Show Details32min 10s
Embrace That Inner Child
Show Details26min 43s
Stay In Toxic Relationships or Leave?
Show Details37min 38s
Why Moving In Silence is a BIG Deal
Show Details35min 10s
The Golden Child: A Thorough Analysis
Show Details28min 34s
The Golden Child (A Brief Summary) : ASMR #2
Show Details31min 11s
The Bitter Narc and The Shelter (A Must Have)
Show Details30min 48s
Sharing Is Not Caring Around The Narcissist (Unplanned Episode)
Show Details28min 48s
The Scapegoat (Part 2) : Their Traits and Strength
Show Details44min 48s
The Scapegoat (Part 1) : Why Selected To Be One
Show Details33min 7s
Your Voices: A Shelter Away from Toxicity
Show Details4min 53s
People Pleasers! Wake Up!
Show Details35min 53s
When Celebrations Feel Fake
Show Details25min 15s
They Don't Mind the Hurt They Cause (and more)
Show Details29min 56s
Obssessed with Authority and Control
Show Details24min 18s
ASMR: Controlling, Therefore... LEAVE!
Show Details29min 20s
Narcissists are Nosy. Better Watch Out!
Show Details27min 30s
Their Lack of Empathy and How to Tackle It
Show Details22min 40s
Personal Bill of Rights: Right #7: Part 2
Show Details24min 35s
Personal Bill of Rights: Right #7: Dignity and Respect
Show Details20min 13s
Personal Bill Of Rights: Right #6: Right to Say NO
Show Details17min 49s
Personal Bill of Rights: #4 & #5: Value System as Appropriate
Show Details23min 43s
The False Self Created At Your Expense
Show Details28min 48s
The Narcissists Will Constantly Compare You To Others
Show Details24min 24s
Personal Bill of Rights Right #3: Right of Grieving
Show Details18min 21s
Let's Talk about Perfectionism
Show Details28min 40s
Personal Bill of Rights; Right #2: My Own Child Within Me
Show Details24min 8s
Personal Bill of Rights: Right #1: Not Another Day for Mere Survival
Show Details17min 53s
Presenting to You: The Personal Bill of Rights
Show Details1min 55s
Narcs A.K.A Energy Vampires and Drainers
Show Details30min 47s
Goal Sabotage by Mobbing, Triangulation and Smear Campaign
Show Details27min 26s
A Black Sheep? You Are More Than That
Show Details34min 53s
Guilttripping and How to Deal with It
Show Details25min 46s
Gaslighting and Tips on How to Deal with It
Show Details26min 2s
Cognitive Dissonance Hazard and How to Avoid It
Show Details34min 47s
The toxic norm and the real norm
Show Details48min 45s
PTSD and What To Do About IT
Show Details33min 8s
How to experience moments in life
Show Details40min 14s
The Narcissistic injury
Show Details40min 29s
Danger of Abuse
Show Details41min 10s
When Anger Drives Us Forward
Show Details16min 46s
The Toxic Workplace and What To Do About It
Show Details40min 54s
Save Yourself from the Narcs with These Few Tips
Show Details32min 19s
Healthy VS Narcissistic Family Dynamics in A Brief Episode
Show Details28min 46s
Self Evolution Regardless: Summary
Show Details57s