Moving Out: Let Us Have A Talk

Season 1 | Episode 105
44m | Oct 22, 2020

Moving out is a huge and important step to establish oneself and to be a functional human being in society.

We cannot just stay in the childhood home and expect that we are going to be responsible,make choices, decision and do adult stuff on our own if we are still under our parents roof.

The power of moving out lies in empowering us in changing our lives, growing up and doing something with ourselves and for the like-minded people around us as well (also as old as we are). And so I definitely encourage moving out as soon as possible and in the nearest time, even though it might and WILL cause fights and arguments.

I want to send my sincere wishes for people who havent moved out yet to move out ASAP and congratulate and celebrate those who overcame this step and are now living their best lives, or at least, living their lives decently.

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