Spending Holidays with Narcissistic Parents

35m | Dec 19, 2020

This episode will highlight how hellish it feels like to spend the holidays with narcissistic parents.

Not all parents are narcissistic, but these are parents who care less about celebrating the holidays with you, as part of their flesh and blood, but rather people who are concentrating on getting as much narcissistic supply from gift giving, love-bombing and fake kindness just to show you how well they can wear their masks.

This serves as a way to keep around longer, to linger further and hang on that false hope that these people "are changing" and to get you to second guess yourself, gaslight yourself and stay stuck.

A similar episode to this is called "When Celebrations Are Fake". Go ahead and listen to that one as well because it was recorded last year around this time, and both talk about how holidays can be ruined whene there is a narcissistic family involved.

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