Thundercats Review: 1:43 & 1:44 "The Rock Giant" & "Jackalman's Rebellion" (1985)

1h 3m | Mar 24, 2023

Welcome Bunglers! ⚡

Ryan and David are back in top form to talk T-Cats!

We start today with "The Rock Giant"

⚡ "When all technology fails, Lion-O must rely on his own cunning and the forces of nature when a seemingly invincible titan is unleashed upon Third Earth."

Then in "Jackalman's Rebellion"

⚡"The normally submissive Jackalman decides to start his own army in the hopes of conquering Third-Earth himself."

Original Airdates: November 20, 1985/November 21, 1985

Thank you to the "ThunderCats Wiki" for the plot synopsis

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