ThunderCats Review: 2:88 & 2:89 "Runaways" & "Hair of the Dog" (1987)

1h 38m | May 10, 2024

Welcome Back Bunglers! ⚡

It's time for more kitty cat fun with your Radical Retro Brothers! Today we had some audio issues Bunglers! Please bear with us (we swapped back to our original recording method after this!) But we still had a lot to say about these newest episodes.

Today's double episode starts with "Runaways":

⚡ "Fed up of feeling useless Wilykat convinces his twin to run away from home, but living on their own is more dangerous than they realized. The other ThunderCats search desperately to find them. Soon the Thunderkittens run into problems, first they become ill from berries they had picked. A creature known as Kudi saves their lives."

Then in "Hair of the Dog":

⚡"While all the ThunderCats except Lion-O are gone, Mumm-Ra switches Ma-Mutt with Snarf. Ma-Mutt (who now looks like Snarf) goes to Cats Lair and gives Lion-O some … Snarfer's bad dream of Snarf becoming a dog causes him, Bengali, and Pumyra to go to Cats Lair."

⚡Original Airdates: October 8, 1987 & October 9, 1987.

✨Thank you to the "ThunderCats Wiki" for the plot synopsis✨

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