ThunderCats Bonus Hall of Omens: The Unofficial Ultimate Guide to Thundercats Toys and Beyond

1h 4m | May 24, 2024

Welcome Back Bunglers!

David and I were thrilled to chat with Sean McKeone, the author of the AMAZING "Hall of Omens: The Unofficial Ultimate Guide to Thundercats Toys and Beyond" We get to learn about the making of the book and even talk about the future of ThunderCats.

"Sean “Buddha” McKeone is a versatile personality who has gained recognition for his diverse accomplishments.

He is a vocalist in the international band Wolfpac (Megaforce Records) which he has toured the world with for the past 20+ years! He is also a lifelong Thundercats fan and serious collector for his entire life! He has appeared on numerous collector-themed television shows such as AMC’s “Comicbook Men” and the History Channel’s hit show “Pawn Stars.“

Sean has an impressive Thundercats collection that stands out for its rare and highly sought-after memorabilia, including vintage action figures, comic books, merchandise, and prototypes! His dedication to collecting has truly paid off, and with his dynamic personality and eclectic interests, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment & collecting industries."

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