ThunderCats Review: 2:86 & 2:87 "Mumm-Rana's Belt" & "Hachiman's Honor" (1987)

1h 58m | Apr 26, 2024

Welcome Back Bunglers! ⚡

It's time for more kitty cat fun with your Radical Retro Brothers! We also welcome back our friend Zack! As an extra treat, he even brings his very own version of "Mumm-Rana's Belt" made when he was in kindergarten!

Today's double episode starts with "Mumm-Rana's Belt:"

⚡ "Luna discovers that her grandmother's magic belt is now in the possession of Mumm-Rana who claimed it after battle. She heads straight for the white pyramid with Pumyra hot on her tail."

Then in "Hachiman's Honor:"

⚡"While Hachiman is on his way to the Tower of Omens. On his way he sees an old woman in trouble. Hachiman rescues the old woman not knowing it's Luna. She "invites" him to her "cave" and there she Chilla and Alluro attack him and take his sword, the Thunder-Cutter and gives it to their new Samurai Robot The Automaton."

⚡Original Airdates: October 6, 1987 & October 7, 1987.

✨Thank you to the "ThunderCats Wiki" for the plot synopsis✨

Martin Barreby - A Vehicle Theme

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