Thundercats Review: 1:40 & 1:41 "Tight Squeeze" & "The Micrits" (1985)

52m | Feb 24, 2023

Bunglers! ⚡

Ryan and David are back once again to talk T-Cats! Somewhere along the way we lost our minds and began mixing todays two episodes together!? Also Ryan cannot say the name "Micrits!"

We begin this week with "Tight Squeeze"

⚡ "After a disagreement, Vultureman leaves castle Plunn-darr and destroys all the mutant's technology. To even the odds, Slithe convinces Mumm-Ra to magically disable all the technology in Cat's lair."

Then in "The Micrits"

⚡"The Micrits are tiny humanoids, their village keeps getting destroyed when the Thundercats drive their vehicles through the area. The Micrits decide to fight back, and end up taking two hostages."

⚡Original Airdates: November 15, 1985/November 18, 1985⚡

Thank you to the "ThunderCats Wiki" for the plot synopsis

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