ThunderCats Review: 2:82 & 2:83 "Time Switch" & "The Sound Stones" (1987)

1h 16m | Mar 22, 2024

Welcome Back Bunglers! ⚡

It's time for more kitty cat fun with your Radical Retro Brothers! It seems like Vulty as one last "emancipation" left in him!

Today's double episode starts with "Time Switch:"

⚡ "Tygra and Lion-O hoist an old suspension capsule left over from the ThunderCat arrival on Third Earth; but when the capsule slips and shatters on the ground, it releases suspension gases within the capsule."

Then in "The Sound Stones:"

⚡"Vultureman discovers a map which outlines the route to the legendary Sound Stones of Darkside; He asks the Mutants to help him steal the stone so he can make a sonic weapon and defeat the ThunderCats."

⚡Original Airdates: September 22, 1987 & September 23, 1987 

✨Thank you to the "ThunderCats Wiki" for the plot synopsis✨

Martin Barreby - A Vehicle Theme

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