Episode 94: "Leprechaun" (1993) 🍀

1h 2m | Mar 17, 2023

What Luck Radical Ones! You Found The Gold!🍀 

 🍀 Today Ryan and David-The Radical Retro brother's tackle the 1993 cult horror film "Leprechaun" and you know we have a lot to say (Including Ryan confessing he is not a Jennifer Aniston/"Friends" fan!) We also receive a voicemail from Rob!

🍀 "Leprechaun is a 1993 American comedy horror film written and directed by Mark Jones, and starring Warwick Davis in the title role, with Jennifer Aniston in her film debut. Davis plays a vengeful leprechaun who believes a family has stolen his pot of gold. As he hunts them, they attempt to locate his gold to mollify him."

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