Episode 93: "The Luck of the Irish" (2001) 🍀

1h 1m | Mar 10, 2023

Radical Ones! New Week, New Episode🍀 

🍀 Ryan & Rob are here to discuss a well-loved Disney Channel original movie: "The Luck of the Irish" from 2001. We also read our newest review from Apple and Rob tells us about his sexy superhero calendar (with this month's image being Chris O'Donnell as Robin!)

🍀 "In this made-for-TV comic fantasy, a teenager finds he’s going through some unexpected changes thanks to a little secret his folks have been keeping from him. Kyle Johnson (Ryan Merriman) is a typical American kid who likes girls, plays basketball, and does well with his schoolwork. But one day Kyle learns that his good luck isn’t just an accident - it seems Kyle’s mother is actually a leprechaun, and much to Kyle’s annoyance, he finds he’s turning into one of the little people himself."

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