ThunderCats Review: 2:78 & 2:79 "The Mask of Gorgon" & "The Mad Bubbler" (1987)

2h 41m | Feb 23, 2024

Welcome Back Bunglers! ⚡

It's time for more kitty cat fun with your Radical Retro Brothers along with our return guest (& friend) Zack! We also have loads of Bungler Mail to share! 😻💌

Today's double episode starts with "The Mask of Gorgon:"

⚡ "Mumm-Ra plans on using the legendary Mask of Gorgon to free a sleeping child in the hills of Elfshima to use against the Thundercats. When Chilla and Tug Mug fail to get the mask because it turned them to stone, Mumm-Ra summons it using an ancient tome he discovered and decides that he needs the Eye of Thundera so that the mask can use sight beyond sight to awaken a Giant called the Child of Gorgon."

Then in "The Mad Bubbler:"

⚡"The Lunataks look for Thundrilium in a cave on Hook mountain only to be driven mad by a strange creature who turns them against each other. The creature is called the Mad Bubbler, an ancient creature of Third Earth who lives in the old Thundrilium mine and has the power to turn all creatures into evil beings, and making people accept his motto - "destroy, or be destroyed."

Original Airdates: September 24, 1987 & September 25, 1987

✨Thank you to the "ThunderCats Wiki" for the plot synopsis✨

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