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Queen B's

A podcast that says what everyone is thinking but too afraid to say. No candy coating here, with the occasional cursing and lots of laughs. Whether you are single, married, young, still young (LOL), male or female. I cover several topics from parenting, mental health, relationships and more. Email me at queenbspodcast@gmail.com



46: SAHM Life
Show Details12min 33s
45: Goals
Show Details10min 42s
44: Talk Dirty to Me!
Show Details11min 3s
43: PPD
Show Details11min 10s
42: Bigfoot or Chewbacca
Show Details20min 20s
41: Basement Dwellers
Show Details21min 4s
40: Queen Glamalicious
Show Details15min 10s
39: Happy Birthday Bs'
Show Details10min 9s
38: Cruella Deville
Show Details17min 45s
37: This Shit is Bananas
Show Details12min 31s
36: Bye Felicia
Show Details15min 9s
35: Merry Fucking Xmas
Show Details17min 55s
Show Details7min 15s
33: Get Fucked Karen!
Show Details14min 35s
32: Projection vs Refelction
Show Details10min 18s
31: Rainstorms bring Rainbows
Show Details11min 37s
30: Queen B is Back!!
Show Details12min 20s
Episode 29: Extra curricular activities
Show Details33min 22s
Episode 28: Shooting the Shit
Show Details33min 43s
Episode 27: That toxic relationship with food
Show Details32min 26s
Episode 26: Queens create Kings!
Show Details27min 43s
Episode 25: Giving your home a facelift on a budget
Show Details29min 49s
Episode 24: ADHD Awareness
Show Details51min 54s
Episode 23: Finding Financial relief
Show Details37min 33s
Episode 22: The Monsters in your head
Show Details48min 19s
Episode: 21 Steals and deals
Show Details42min 50s
Episode 20: Entertaining on a budget
Show Details56min 1s
Episode 19: Mama's Manic!
Show Details40min 19s
Episode 18: Combating the boredom Monster
Show Details46min 13s
Weekly 5: Spring is in the air!
Show Details7min 28s
Episode 17: Saving lives one wet kiss at a time
Show Details55min 38s
Episode 16: Stop fighting the same fight
Show Details58min 24s
Episode 15: White Knuckling it thru life
Show Details38min 8s
Episode 14: Is Social Media killing social skills?
Show Details42min 12s
Episode 13: Run don't walk! Part 2
Show Details34min 10s
Episode 12: Run don't walk! Part 1
Show Details28min 19s
Episode 11: Get your Glow on!
Show Details49min 25s
Episode 10: Control Issues Much!
Show Details39min 55s
Episode 9: My Teen is Driving!!
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 8: Pregnancy Stories
Show Details59min 42s
Episode 8: Friendships
Show Details33min 9s
Episode 7: Sex
Show Details29min 32s
Episode 6: Keeping your Marriage Alive
Show Details35min 37s
Episode 5: It's My Birthday!!!
Show Details35min 32s
Episode 4: Love Yourself
Show Details35min 54s
Episode 3: I need a Fucking Maid!
Show Details30min 2s
Episode 2: The crazy shit kids say and do!
Show Details19min 27s
Episode 1: It's the Holiday Season
Show Details34min 24s
Happy Holidays
Show Details1min 41s