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Episode 60 - How To Get A Blackbelt In Handling Sales Objections - with Joe Marcoux and Jeff Burlingame
Show Details31min 27s
Episode 59 - How To Double (2X!) Your Group Membership Rates In 1 Day
Show Details27min 5s
Episode 58 - Special Guest Bryce Henson, The New CEO Of Fit Body Boot Camp
Show Details57min 59s
Episode 57 - How Gym Owners Can Scale WITHOUT Taking On The Risk Of a 2nd Location
Show Details31min 49s
Episode 56 - Scott Rammage Teaches How To Use A Podcast To Create Authority In Your Space
Show Details25min 26s
Episode 55 - The One Daily Action That Will Make You Your First Million
Show Details24min 40s
Episode 54 - How To Crush Being A Nutrition Coach With Expert Jennifer Broxterman
Show Details36min 3s
Episode 53 - 3 Reasons Why the $599 6-Week Challenge Will Kill Your Gym
Show Details29min 53s
Episode 52: The Legend Of Online Coaching, Will Schiller With New Age Coach
Show Details26min 56s
Episode 51: The One Thing You Need To Do To Keep Clients Forever
Show Details14min 50s
Episode 50: 1 Year Anniversary- The Latest Strategies & The New PT Legends
Show Details32min 12s
Episode 49: How Finding Your ONE Thing Will Change Your Life
Show Details22min 17s
Episode 48: How much would you pay to get in the best shape of your life?
Show Details20min 27s
Episode 47: What Personal Training & Health Certifications Are Actually Worth The $$?
Show Details19min 4s
Episode 46 - Online Training Sucks… Buyer Beware!
Show Details17min 56s
Episode 44 - Mindset and Mental Health with Colm O’Reilly
Show Details35min 32s
Episode 45 - $200,000 Lessons for Independent Personal Trainers
Show Details20min 23s
Episode 43 - How To Defeat The Dreaded Spousal Objection
Show Details25min 22s
Episode 42 - PushPress CEO Dan Uyemura On Evolving Intelligent Software For Gym Owners
Show Details26min 36s
Episode 41: The NEW Book That Every Fitness Business Owner Needs To Read
Show Details25min 35s
Episode 40: PT Legends Saved My Gym, With Matt Chenard
Show Details31min 19s
Episode 39 - How To Get A Low Cost Per Lead On Facebook & IG Ads
Show Details17min 32s
Episode 38: How You Can Get On A Podcast As A Guest
Show Details13min 10s
Episode 37 - The War in Ukraine & Its Effect On Studio Owners
Show Details18min 57s
Episode 36: Special Guest Andrew Frezza- How To Be A Rockstar Coach
Show Details35min 20s
Episode 35: PSA (Public Service Announcement)- How To Handle The Fear When Your Leads Have Been Cut By 80%
Show Details25min 47s
Episode 34: The #1 Quality You Need In A New Hire To Avoid A Disaster
Show Details21min 39s
Episode 33: The #1 OG PT Legends - Deonte Mason and Laken Summerville
Show Details42min 40s
Episode 32: A Must Listen - 6 Steps To Get Your Closing Percentage To 100%
Show Details26min 7s
Episode 31 - Why Personal Trainers NEED To Offer High-Ticket Programs If They Want To Make Money AND Have A Life
Show Details31min 9s
Episode 30 - Why The Highest Profit CrossFit Owners Add High-Ticket Offers Into Their Gyms
Show Details27min 54s
Episode 29: Why We Settle For Less In Our Business, And Dave’s Colossal Rejection
Show Details20min 49s
Episode 28 - What I Learned When A Competing Gym Moved In Next Door And Shared A Wall With Me
Show Details22min 20s
Episode 27 - The Best Bolt-On Added Revenue Stream To Add To Your Gym
Show Details21min 10s
Episode 26 - Perfecting The Personal Training Model with Jeff Larsh and Dan Visentin (Greenlight Personal Training)
Show Details19min 29s
Episode 25 - How to Overcome the Hardest Sales Objection in The Game
Show Details13min 56s
Episode 24 - The Elephant in the Room - How Much Does Mentoring Cost?
Show Details13min 34s
Episode 23 - The #1 Thing You MUST Have To Build a 7-Figure Fitness Business
Show Details20min 23s
Episode 22 - Facebook Ads Are Dead
Show Details24min 4s
Episode 21 - How True Core Gym Owner Shannon Logan Smashed Her Glass Ceiling by 140%
Show Details28min 34s
Episode 20 - Behind The Curtains - How to Fulfill a $2-7k Transformational Offer
Show Details25min 36s
Episode 19 - Nutrition Coaching Pitfalls And Best Practices With The HSN Expert, Nicole Aucoin
Show Details25min 36s
Episode 18 - How To Mop Up The $40k That’s Laying Around Your Gym
Show Details16min 8s
Episode 17 - We Were Wrong! Group Training May Be The Best Business Model
Show Details21min
Episode 16 - Does High Ticket Equal Hard Sales?
Show Details23min 58s
Episode 15 - How to Hire a VA To Save Time As a Gym Owner - Special Guests Scott Rammage and Josh Price
Show Details38min 36s
Episode 14 - Why Your Business Plan is a Waste Of Time
Show Details25min 27s
Episode 13 - Does a high ticket or high ARM model work if I have a Crossfit gym?
Show Details29min 49s
Episode 12 - The 2 Biggest Reasons Why Your Fitness Consultations Suck -
Show Details26min 37s
Episode 11 - Is Online Training the Golden Goose?
Show Details32min 32s
Episode 10 - Why 63 Is Our Favorite Number
Show Details26min 23s
Episode 9 - Why I Have A Death Calendar On My Office Wall
Show Details28min 7s
Episode 8 - How To Overcome Fear And Charge Your True Value
Show Details30min 39s
Episode 7 - The Surprising Number Of Times Police, Fire, Or An Ambulance Been To Our Locations
Show Details37min 21s
Episode 6 - How Covid-19 Saved Our Fitness Business
Show Details37min 58s
Episode 5 - Why We Sucked For 8 Years Release Date
Show Details28min 14s
Episode 4 - The 7 Minute Call That Made Us $42,000 in 4 weeks
Show Details46min
Episode 3 - Best Fitness Model Debate: Group vs. 1:1 vs. Semi-Private
Show Details42min 26s
Episode 2 - How To Charge $111-$222 Per Semi-Private Session
Show Details31min 35s
Episode 1 - Broke Personal Trainers To 7-Figure Business Owners.
Show Details34min 59s