Episode 133: The Top 6 Mistakes Personal Training Studio Owners Make

49m | Feb 21, 2024

Ever wondered about the potential pitfalls hindering your business success? I'm about to share the insights it took me almost 8 years to uncover. Get ready for a deep dive into the "Top 6 Mistakes Personal Training Studio Owners Make" and gain a valuable 7-year head start on your business journey.

In this episode I openly disclose the mistakes I made when launching my first PT studio 12 years ago. From resigning as the PT Department Head at Life Time to acquiring a struggling group training studio, I'll unravel the crucial lessons learned along the way.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Corporate to Small Business Transition: Understand the challenges of shifting from a corporate role (PT Department Head at Life Time) to small business ownership.
  2. Smart Studio Acquisition: Explore the risks and rewards of buying a struggling group training studio, learning key financial strategies for success.
  3. Avoiding Imitation Pitfalls: Identify the downsides of copying other gyms and discover a practical strategy tailored to your business for achieving success.
  4.  8-Year Business Transformation: Learn crucial lessons from an 8-year journey, saving you trial and error in building a multi 7-figure business that runs efficiently.

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