Episode 137: Sales Jedi Training

48m | Apr 3, 2024

Have you ever felt like getting qualified leads in the door is the toughest part of the game? Discover how our proven strategies have helped multiple trainers and coaches sell over $50,000 in new business in a single month across the US, Canada, and Australia. Learning to sell high-ticket, $2k-$8k upfront programs not only makes everything easier but also reduces the need for an overwhelming number of leads.

In this episode, we're pulling back the curtain on our comprehensive Sales Jedi Training, sharing actionable insights and strategies that have proven effective in generating substantial revenue. Whether you're still in the sales role, looking to transition out, or aiming to keep your team out of the sales role, this training is for you.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Mastering High-Ticket Sales: Gain valuable insights into selling high-ticket programs and understand how it can simplify your lead generation efforts.
  2. Proven Strategies: Learn the exact methods and techniques that have enabled trainers and coaches to achieve remarkable sales success, even exceeding $50,000 in new business in a single month.
  3. Transitioning Roles: Whether you're currently in the sales role, looking to transition out, or aiming to keep your team out of sales, discover how our training program can empower you to achieve your goals.
  4. Becoming a CTSS: Explore the opportunity to become a Certified Transformation Sales Specialist through our 8-week training program and gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in sales.

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