Not Daily Podcast

We use our approximate knowledge of many things to craft unanswerable questions. We mix cognitive science and philosophy with pop culture, tech and science to start with raw perspectives. Refining them through steamed up yet rational conversation we generally stumble upon odd answers. Hosted pseudo monthly by two humans.


Conversations: Let me tell you about Homestuck^2
Show Details35min 34s
Does NFT create a new ontological reality?
Show Details34min 45s
Conversations: I became an Ai in a telephone game
Show Details36min 56s
[NDP21] - Cyranoids and How to make the perfect reading environment?
Show Details44min 4s
[NDP20] - AfterDinnerConversation and Are purchases the ultimate form of human free will ?
Show Details37min 53s
[NDP19] - Time capsules and What makes a villain?
Show Details38min 49s
[NDP18] - Kanjis and is there an anti-rationality propaganda?
Show Details45min 14s
[NDP17] - GPT3's artificial intelligence and can it host a podcast?
Show Details44min 15s
[NDP 16] - Bioshock and Is a post-files world inevitable?
Show Details40min 10s
[NDP 15] - Corpse Dream and Why would you care about an NPC?
Show Details35min 1s
[NDP 14] - Eizouken and Where did the MMORPG hype go?
Show Details37min 30s
[NDP 13] - Habituation and What is the best base for counting?
Show Details47min 12s
[NDP 12] - You Know What and the Cultural Singularity?
Show Details32min 36s
[NDP 11] - No Man Sky and Is Material Design the end of design?
Show Details40min 15s
[NDP 10] - Years and Years and how happy is ‘the happiest place on earth’?
Show Details43min 40s
[NDP 9] - Banksy and What's wrong with a little self-contradiction?
Show Details36min 30s
[NDP8] - Big cats and What is the meaning of ㋐ in Sarazanmai?
Show Details39min 59s
[NDP7] - Machine Learning and What do we do with people's comments?
Show Details38min 34s
[NDP6] - Bandersnatch and How do you manage your TODOs?
Show Details35min 45s
[NDP5] - Microphones and What does the universe optimize for?
Show Details28min 13s
[NDP4] - Cat Toys and Why is there no Pokemon Go copycat?
Show Details32min 38s
[NDP3] - Terrace House and What is the valence of cringe?
Show Details32min 40s
[NDP2] - Surface Go and What is wrong with USB C?
Show Details32min 2s
[NDP1] - Google Home and What is the best ratings system?
Show Details33min 19s