Does NFT create a new ontological reality?

Season 1 | Episode 23
34m | Mar 30, 2021

This is our first episode where we deep dive into one serious topic, and what better choice than the NFTs that everyone is talking about!

We briefly explain what NFTs are, and take case study to figure out what it is that people are buying. If you don't have any right on the digital art that the NFT represents, what on earth are you getting for your money? What are the implications for the notion of money? for the notion of things even?

Is NFT really helpful for artists? How is it different from a certificate of authenticity? Would it still be useful in a utopian money-less society? Or is it just like bitcoin?

And finally, does it create the new building blocks for a new ontological reality?

All of this and more in this episode!

Episode 9 where we talk about conceptual art:

ThoughtSlime excellent video about NFT:

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