Conversations: Let me tell you about Homestuck^2

Season 1 | Episode 24
35m | Apr 19, 2021

This is our second episode of conversations, and we start by explaining the why and how of this change, before following up on previous episodes:

We come back on the difference between cats and dogs highlighted in telephone drawing games, before coming back to NFT.

The fact that some NFT have dead links already makes us wonder if it's really going to keep value, and what is the role of the auctioneer here. We still can't pinpoint who exactly prophesied the final form of capitalism with the purely virtual speculative commodity (Zizek? Debord? Marx? Help me!) but that doesn't stop us from trying to understand if NFT are like a receipt or like an autograph. We also discover that NFTs may be the big crunch to Plato's concept-based cosmogenesis...

Speaking of cosmogenesis, we take a brief dive in the history of Homestuck to introduce Homestuck^2, and see what it says about meta-narrative and death of the author, and whether we can compare it to other works in a spoiler-free way.



Dog breeds look so different but cats don't:

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