• Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)- HerMantra

    This podcast is about PCOS, in this podcast, HerMantra's Team's Expert Will Explain about meaning, causes, symptoms, and diagnosis of PCOS, if you found this podcast helpful then please like and share this.

    HerMantra is the best platform for women wellness. We provide effective online PCOS Treatment, menopause treatment, and more.

    6m | Oct 27, 2022
  • What is Substance Use And Abuse- MantraCare

    Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a broad term referring to the abuse of any drug. The most common forms of substance abuse are alcohol, opioids, and cocaine; however, there is no shortage in terms of different types or classes of drugs that one may use. Substance Use Disorder can lead to addiction if you do not treat it properly.

    A therapist or counselor can help you learn more about your condition and start on the road to recovery. They are not doctors, so they cannot give people medicine for SUD. They can guide people through therapy to help with addiction problems. You can also take addiction therapy and counseling to get rid of the problem.

    3m | Jun 12, 2022
  • What is Depression? | MantraCare

    Depression is a disease that influences how you feel. It may also have an impact on your body and thoughts.

    But in today's time, we can take online therapy and counseling to get rid of this. Therapy is good for us because it makes us feel better. You see your progress, and other people help you too.

    4m | May 27, 2022
  • Dry Eyes | Dr. Shweta Jain | EyeMantra

    This podcast is all about dry eyes, in this video, Dr. Shweta Jain will Explain the meaning, causes, diagnosis, risk factors, and treatment of dry eyes

    16m | May 18, 2022
  • Cataract Surgery Risks | Dr. Shweta Jain | EyeMantra

    This Podcast is all about Cataract Surgery Risks, in this podcast, Dr. Shweta Jain will Explain Various risks related to cataract surgery.

    10m | May 5, 2022
  • What is Anxiety Disorder- MantraCare

    This podcast is all about anxiety disorder, in this podcast, we will explain meaning, symptoms, types and treatment of anxiety disorder.

    7m | Apr 24, 2022
  • Understanding Mental Health In Day To Day Life- MantraCare

    Discussion by MantraCare's Psychologists about Mental Health Issues in Our day-to-day life.

    Importance of Mental Health? 

    A huge part of the population suffers from mental health issues. These problems can lie dormant for a long time. There is often no outward sign that they exist until something happens to bring them out into the open.

    32m | Apr 17, 2022
  • How to Manage Stress

    Stress is a natural response to any type of event in your life. It can be triggered by anything ranging from work, family, school, health, and so on.

    Healthexperts at MantraCare India says that if you are experiencing stress symptoms after a traumatic event it’s best to speak with your doctor about treatment options which could include lifestyle changes as well as medications.

    And after the diagnosis of stress, doctors might recommend some lifestyle changes including certain medications or other forms of therapy depending on individual circumstances.

    This podcast is about stress, what is stress? how does stress work? and most important how one can manage stress.

    3m | Apr 7, 2022
  • Importance of Children's Physical Activity

    The importance of physical activity for children is often overlooked. It is important for their physical and mental health, as well as their academic performance. The benefits of physical activity are not limited to the individual, but also have a positive impact on the community.

    Physiotherapists at PhysioMantra says that Physical activity is important because it helps with weight control and reduces the risk of developing diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and arthritis. Physical activity also improves mood, sleep quality and self-esteem.

    5m | Apr 6, 2022
  • Eye Drops for Common Eye Problems

    This podcast is about Eye Drops for Common Eye Problems, in this podcast, Dr. Shweta Jain will Explain everything you need to know about eye drops for common eye problems. 

    Eye drops may have been prescribed to you for a wide variety of reasons — whether for treating glaucoma, eye infections to allergies and dry eyes. In many cases, eye drops are crucial to preserving your vision and protecting your eyes. 

    11m | Apr 5, 2022
  • Diabetes and Heart Disease

    If you have diabetes, the risk of developing heart diseases increases by double, as proven by various studies. Heart diseases do not show the signs for several years, just like diabetes.

    Diabetologists at DiabetesMantra says that people with diabetes should consult their doctor regularly to keep a tab on their diabetes. Diabetes is dangerous if it is not controlled and monitored regularly. Doctors will diagnose heart disease in people with diabetes on several levels. 

    10m | Apr 4, 2022
  • Employee Assistance Program

    Employee Assistance Programs are becoming increasingly popular in American workplaces today. These programs work to reduce stress-related problems among employees. This leads to improved productivity at work and a better work-life balance.

    MantraCare Wellness also provides fantastic Employee Assistance Program. They help both small and large companies keep their employees happy, healthy, and productive

    3m | Apr 3, 2022
  • Yoga: Breathing Techniques For Mind Relaxation

    You can practice these exercises in your daily routine for mind relaxation. These techniques are simple and effective to attain a centered and relaxed state of mind.

    YogaMantra is a part of MantraCare provides several yoga programs, techniques, tips for your better health.

    Breathing exercises are a series of techniques that can help manage your stress levels. When you breathe in the proper way, you increase your oxygen intake which opens up more energy for your body to use during stressful or strenuous situations.

    10m | Apr 1, 2022
  • 5 ways to wellbeing

    This podcast is all about the ways to wellbeing, in this podcast, The Team Experts of TherapyMantra will Explain 5 Ways to wellbeing.

    TherapyMantra Provides Online Therapy and Counseling to People across the globe.  

    3m | Mar 31, 2022
  • What Is Eye Pain

    Eye pain refers to the condition in which one or both eyes may feel sudden discomfort in or around the eyes. People may feel irritated.

    Your eye may hurt when you blink for a variety of causes, but eye pain treatment can help.

    7m | Mar 30, 2022
  • Yoga Asans

    You can practice these exercises in your daily routine for mind relaxation. Also, they are a set of exercises that help your body prepare for advanced Yoga Asanas.

    Yoga is an exercise that helps to keep your mind, body, and soul in balance. It involves stretching exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation. It can help you deal with stress more effectively. This teaches you how to let go of negative emotions like anger or sadness.

    If you find this podcast helpful then like and share this. 

    May you be happy, and at calm and peace.

    15m | Mar 27, 2022