How to talk to your son about dealing with the police

1h 13m | Jul 19, 2023

Welcome to today's powerful and essential episode, hosted by Dr. Richelle. Join us as she delves into the crucial topic of how to talk to your son about dealing with the police. In our current world, social media has exposed numerous injustices by the police, and we've witnessed heartbreaking instances where black men, including young men, have tragically not made it home.

Have you had the conversation with your son about how to conduct themselves when approached or dealing with the police? Dr. Richelle brings together a panel of community members to share their insights and expertise on navigating this necessary and potentially life-saving conversation. These men, with personal experiences as black men offer valuable perspectives that can help you initiate meaningful discussions.

This episode serves as an incredible resource for parents committed to raising black sons. Tune in and gain the knowledge and tools to address racism and prepare your child to handle encounters with the police positively. The panel discussion provides practical advice, personal experiences, and expert views to equip you with the confidence to engage in open and constructive conversations.

It's essential to empower our children with the necessary skills and understanding to navigate the world safely. By listening to this episode, you'll be better prepared to guide your son in making informed decisions and responding appropriately in encounters with law enforcement. Don't miss this opportunity to learn and grow as a parent and supporter of raising black sons.

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Disclaimer: Dr. Richelle is a therapist, but she is not your therapist. All information provided is not to be taken as therapy

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