Building Self-Efficacy in Our Sons Through Engagement and Reflection

11m | Mar 21, 2024

This episode of the podcast delves into the crucial topic of academic engagement among boys transitioning from elementary to middle and high school. Dr. Richelle discusses the observed trend of decreased academic interest as boys age and introduces self-efficacy as a key focus for upcoming episodes. To empower parents in supporting their sons' academic journey and future prospects, she proposes a reflective exercise. This involves observing sons' interests and behaviors over a week and reminiscing on past tendencies that indicate natural inclinations. The goal is to empower sons to believe in their capabilities, highlighting the importance of confidence in their actions and decisions. The exercise is seen as a foundational step for parents to guide their sons in building self-efficacy and navigating their academic and personal growth. Dr. Richelle encourages feedback on the exercise through texting or emailing her, emphasizing the significance of personalized guidance in raising boys.

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00:25 The Importance of Personalized Guidance in Raising Sons

00:52 Introducing a Unique Exercise for Parents

01:10 Deep Dive into Academic Engagement and Self Efficacy

03:34 The Exercise: Observing and Reflecting on Your Son's Interests

07:03 Why Focusing on Boys' Development Matters Now More Than Ever

08:40 How This Exercise Prepares You for Future Challenges

09:50 Join the Conversation and Share Your Insights

10:42 Wrapping Up and How to Stay Connected

Disclaimer: Dr. Richelle is a therapist, but she is not your therapist. All information provided is not to be taken as therapy.

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