Parenting Encouragement: Navigating Test Anxiety with Your Son

7m | May 2, 2024

Dr. Richelle shares a personal story about addressing test anxiety with her son during a car ride to school. Dr. Shell discusses recognizing her son's academic struggle, despite high classwork scores, and initiates a heartfelt conversation about coping strategies. These strategies include prayer, meditation on scripture, breathing exercises, and reaching out to teachers for a holistic understanding of his performance. The episode emphasizes the importance of open communication, applying religious faith in daily challenges, and practical steps for preparation and anxiety management. Dr. Shell also offers support and advice to other parents facing similar issues, encouraging them to schedule a consultation for tailored guidance.

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00:00 Welcome to Raising Sons: Navigating Your Son's Journey

00:24 The Car Conversation: Tackling Test Anxiety Together

02:05 Empowering Strategies: Prayer, Meditation, and Preparation

03:17 Applying Faith and Discipline: Beyond Sunday School

04:15 Holistic Approaches and Personal Experiences

05:43 Creating a Supportive Space for Your Son

06:23 A Message of Hope for the Weary Mama

07:30 Closing Thoughts and Next Steps

Disclaimer: Dr. Richelle is a therapist, but she is not your therapist. All information provided is not to be taken as therapy.

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Raising Sons with Dr. Richelle Whittaker