Navigating Overwhelm: A Mother's Journey Through Autism Diagnosis & Motherhood

10m | Apr 18, 2024

On this episode of the podcast, we explore the topic of autism to bring awareness and aid for mothers navigating their son's developmental challenges. On this episode, Toya shares her personal journey with her son, who is on the autism spectrum, detailing the early signs of autism, the diagnosis process, and how her background in speech and developmental disorders provided a unique perspective on addressing and managing these challenges. The episode highlights the importance of early intervention, the value of parental instincts, and the resources available to parents of children with disabilities. Dr. Richelle also discusses balancing motherhood with educational and mental health advocacy, aiming to empower mothers with knowledge and support.

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00:00 Welcome to Raising Sons: Navigating Autism

00:25 Autism Awareness: A Personal Journey

00:59 Family Dynamics and the Autism Spectrum

02:35 The Path to Diagnosis: Challenges and Insights

04:57 Navigating Motherhood and Autism: A Personal Story

07:19 Insider Perspective: The Advantage of Professional Knowledge

09:55 Wrapping Up: Insights and Encouragement

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Raising Sons with Dr. Richelle Whittaker