What does a mom do when her son starts noticing girls?

8m | Aug 2, 2023

Welcome to today's powerful and essential episode with Dr. Richelle. Join us as she addresses the topic of what a mom should do when her son starts noticing girls. This episode is a valuable conversation starter for both mothers and their sons, as it navigates the changing landscape of dating in today's world.

Are you openly talking to your son about girls? Dr. Richelle encourages mothers to initiate conversations about dating and relationships, guiding their sons through this important phase of life. Dating has indeed evolved over the years and may look different for your son compared to your own experiences.

In this episode, Dr. Richelle will spark thoughtful consideration about your son's dating life and how you can teach him about the do's and don'ts of dating and courting a young lady. The advice given in this episode draws from conversations on topics like money and consent, which have been discussed in this season.

Prepare to be equipped with the insights and tools to support your son through this important aspect of his life. Dr. Richelle's guidance will empower you to foster open communication and ensure that your son develops a healthy understanding of dating and relationships.

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Disclaimer: Dr. Richelle is a therapist, but she is not your therapist. All information provided is not to be taken as therapy

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