Lifelong Health & Fitness Conversations

Through these interviews, we hope to prove that you don’t need the resources of a privileged celebrity or a highly sponsored fitness model to look like one—for life.

We interview professional trainers and coaches, gym owners, fitness gear creators, and everyday athletes who are committed to lifelong health and fitness. We focus on functionality, skill, and athletic ability over aesthetically geared training styles. We don't chase the shiny objects—the physiques of celebrities and Instagram fitness models. We advocate for practical, knowledge-based, and affordable nutrition and fitness practices that virtually anyone can follow.

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EP6. Next-Level Financial Fitness for a Better Quality of Life w/ Kim D. H. Butler
Show Details32min 59s
EP5. At-home Fitness w/ Coach Lyn Hepner
Show Details25min 21s
EP4. Nutrition & Exercise Misconceptions w/ Momentum, Strength & Wellness
Show Details29min 56s
EP3. Rethinking Nutrition & Exercise w/ Momentum, Strength & Wellness Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
Show Details46min 48s
EP2. Weight Loss at Any Age - Interview w/ Coach Lyn Hepner
Show Details37min 35s
EP1. Welcome to the Lifelong Health & Fitness Podcast
Show Details46s