• Jumpstart Business Live Call I w/ Nakada

    An introduction to some of the strategies I use to help you launch, relaunch a product or service; publish a book or start an online business that actually makes you money.

    1h 38m - Jun 10, 2022
  • Strategic Courting for High Value Men notes

    Exclusive episode by Nakada taken from Strategic Courting for High Value Men breaking down a part of the science of why women are uncooperative today; your need for a truly cooperative woman to marry and/or build a family with. Register for the next workshop here https://sowl.co/P6tcj

    16m - Apr 21, 2022
  • Understanding the Marketplace of women available to you

    First off, what is the Sexual Marketplace?

    The Sexual Marketplace (also known as the dating pool) is a byproduct of the oversexualization of boys and girls, the mass use of drugs and alcohol in social settings and the exploitation of the economic value of a man’s labor by corporate interests. All three work together perfectly to create this space where drugs and alcohol makes it easy for economically exploited and sexually motivated men to sleep with often sexually exploited and fatherless girls and women (and vis versa). The marketplace is a predator’s paradise.

    Be sure to sign up to attend my workshop Strategic Courting for High Value Men

    S1E4 - 21m - Mar 28, 2022
  • Trailer: Introduction the Podcast

    I'm happy to finally be sharing my podcasts with a larger audience after years of exclusively hosting it on my website.

    I hope you guys can both enjoy and learn from it. Our evolution as men is at a critical junction right now and I hope my work helps us move forward rather than backwards. Thank you!

    S1 - 5m - Jan 26, 2022
  • The Online Manosphere | Ep. 3

    Heart On Break was a book about men finding purpose by sacrificing relationships. Not exactly the easiest thing for modern men to do when so much our reality revolves around being validated by women.

    In this episode Nakada talks about the the pros and cons of the online manosphere, the need for it and his role in it

    Key points in this episode:

    • What are men learning in the Manosphere?
    • Is the Manosphere a place for hurt men?
    • The evolution of the space from pick up line artists and female validation
    • The fragility of a masculinity based on female validation
    • MGTOW
    • The rise of Kevin Samuels
    • The need for young men to learn "game"
    • How does purpose fit into the Manosphere

    A review of some sorts, this episode breaks down the evolution of the Manosphere over the last 6 years, validating it as a needed space for men.

    S1E3 - 54m - Jan 26, 2022
  • Why I needed to write Heart On Break | Ep. 2

    Some people write books to publish their research, some to share their life stories and others do so to send out a different frequency into the world.

    In this episode, Nakada talks about the primary motivating factors that were behind his need to write his hit book for men, Heart On Break.

    Notes from this episode:

    • What happens when the women in your life aren't listening to you
    • The chaos that ensues when a man's life is centered around the women in his life
    • The reclamation of your value after dysfunctional relationships and life failures
    • Transmuting anger and resentment into purpose vs toxic explosions and implosions

    Deeply self-reflective and trasmutative, all men must learn how to turn the sour grapes of life into wine.

    S1E2 - 1h 19m - Jan 26, 2022
  • Nakada's 2021 Year End Review | Ep 1

    2021 was perhaps my most reflective year in at least 5 years; one that represented a lot of growth in isolation fueled from failed business moves; the deaths of family members and my best friend and deep introspection for the purpose of continuing my evolution.

    In this first episode of the I Am Nakada Podcast, Nakada tackles:

    1. Healthy and unhealthy forms of alone time for men
    2. Dealing with and accepting your shadow side
    3. The need to trust your process
    4. The importance of routines for disciplined people
    5. Why men must master relationships in the now (not objectively)
    6. His top picks of content creators in the online manosphere
    7. His major change from a vegan diet

    All from a perspective to help you continue your growth and personal development as you move towards your life's purpose.

    S1E1 - 58m - Jan 26, 2022
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