The Online Manosphere | Ep. 3

Season 1 | Episode 3
54m | Jan 26, 2022

Heart On Break was a book about men finding purpose by sacrificing relationships. Not exactly the easiest thing for modern men to do when so much our reality revolves around being validated by women.

In this episode Nakada talks about the the pros and cons of the online manosphere, the need for it and his role in it

Key points in this episode:

  • What are men learning in the Manosphere?
  • Is the Manosphere a place for hurt men?
  • The evolution of the space from pick up line artists and female validation
  • The fragility of a masculinity based on female validation
  • The rise of Kevin Samuels
  • The need for young men to learn "game"
  • How does purpose fit into the Manosphere

A review of some sorts, this episode breaks down the evolution of the Manosphere over the last 6 years, validating it as a needed space for men.

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