Why I needed to write Heart On Break | Ep. 2

Season 1 | Episode 2
1h 19m | Jan 26, 2022

Some people write books to publish their research, some to share their life stories and others do so to send out a different frequency into the world.

In this episode, Nakada talks about the primary motivating factors that were behind his need to write his hit book for men, Heart On Break.

Notes from this episode:

  • What happens when the women in your life aren't listening to you
  • The chaos that ensues when a man's life is centered around the women in his life
  • The reclamation of your value after dysfunctional relationships and life failures
  • Transmuting anger and resentment into purpose vs toxic explosions and implosions

Deeply self-reflective and trasmutative, all men must learn how to turn the sour grapes of life into wine.

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