Phasmophobia, Part 2 (1.22)

Season 1 | Episode 22
1h 22m | Oct 7, 2022

Things are looking grim for our rescue team. With their helicopter mangled and the polar storm closing in, they are forced to seek refuge in a mysterious facility. But they quickly learn that it might be more dangerous inside than out…

Ava meets the Captain. Hannes finds a fork. Gavin talks back.

Content warnings for this episode are available on our website.

Our super cool friend CherrieSorbet is the artistic genius behind this story’s super cool artwork. You can find her @cherriesorbet on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Twitch.

ORCS may be full of secrets, but it’s no secret that we’re Eli Schneider’s biggest fans. Thanks for composing our theme song and original music for us, Eli! You’re great.

You know who else is great? Greyvoice! A huge thank you to them for the use of their songs “My Apartment is a Spaceship” and “Petrimould.” Check out more of their stuff on Spotify and Bandcamp. We promise you’ll like what you hear. 

Additional sounds/music obtained from, and the following creators:

(Some sounds have been altered from their original versions. A full list of the audio credits and licenses is available on our website.)

Dread was created by Epidiah Ravachol. Learn more about the game here!

Special thanks to David Jose, who created a virtual playspace of Dread.  

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