The Broken Yolk, Pt. 2 (2.07)

Season 2 | Episode 7
1h 11m | May 7, 2024

Come on in! Everything’s fine. We’ve got an open booth right over here. How about we start you off with a dozen-egg omelet? No, really, we’re doing great! Everything’s a-okay around here! EVERYTHING IS FINE!

Thank you to Morgan Thomas-Mills for composing our theme song, “The Bottomless Pit Scoot,” which samples music courtesy of the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.* (You rock, Morgan!)

Another big thanks to Jacob Smith, for composing original music for this episode. You want more music? Check out his solo project, Give Up on Your Dreams, or commission some music at bocajtunes on Soundcloud. But oh wait, would you also like some artwork? Jacob does that too, and takes art commissions at!

And of course, our gratitude and undying admiration goes to Mallory Swisher Kroll, for voicing Eloise this season. If you’d like to hear more of her voice, check out Roll 4 Your Life, a D&D actual play podcast!

Sound credits and content warnings for this episode are available on our website.

Come say hi: 

Dread was created by Epidiah Ravachol. Learn more about the game here!

Special thanks to David Jose, who created a virtual playspace of Dread.

* “Sprinkle Coal Dust on My Grave” (also known as “Little Lump of Coal”), performed by Orville J. Jenks and recorded by George Gershon Korson.  George Korson Bituminous Songs Collection. AFC 1963/004: AFS 12011.  Courtesy of the American Folklife Center, Library of Congress.

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