Bonus: Season 1 Blooper Reel

Season 1
17m | Dec 9, 2022

Surprise! It’s an extended edition of everyone’s favorite segment, Things Jacob Cut Out of the Podcast but Really Wants to Make Sure Get Shared Anyway! Enjoy our favorite bloops and blunders of Season 1.

We’re still hard at work cookin’ up some chaos for our S1 Brunch episode. It’ll be ready in a few more weeks, but keep sending in some questions in the meantime! Submit your queries here:

Music and sound effects obtained from decentyo from and

(Some sounds have been altered from their original versions. A full list of the audio credits and licenses is available on our website.)

Dread was created by Epidiah Ravachol. Learn more about the game here!

Special thanks to David Jose, who created a virtual playspace of Dread

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Dread and Breakfast