Breakfast: Uno Reverse

47m | Oct 6, 2023

Welcome to our Camp Needlewood breakfast, where we talk with Alicia about running the game. This episode also features spooky scarecrows, mysterious envelopes, and WAY too many haunted dolls.

Check out our friends over at the LOOTERS podcast for their upcoming Halloween special! (Check out their main show, too. It’s pretty fantastic.) Find 'em at

We’d like to give one last, huge thank you to Alicia for running our Camp Needlewood story and for designing its episode artwork! If you miss her, you can always find more of her stuff on Instagram and Tumblr.

Feeling a little lonely while you wait for our triumphant Season 2 debut? Come vibe with us here:

Thanks to Eli Schneider for composing our breakfast theme. A full list of this episode’s sound credits can be found on our website.

Dread was created by Epidiah Ravachol. Learn more about the game here!

Special thanks to David Jose, who created a virtual playspace of Dread.  

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Dread and Breakfast